Just a Color thing

By Riht_2 on Mar 08, 2008

Simple color script. Not the best, but it works.

on 1:INPUT:*: {
  if (/ !isin $Left($1,1)) && (%TText = On) { msg $Active [ %bx ] $Strip($1-) [ %by ] | halt }
Alias colorchoose { set %bx  $+ $?="Text Color(0,15):" $+ , $+ $?="Background Color(0,15):" | set %by  | echo $Active %Bx This is how the text looks now :D %by }
Menu Channel {
  Color Choose:.color choose
  Special Text:.spfontt
Alias Spfontt {
  if (%Ttext != On) { set %Ttext On | echo -a Set colored text on! }
  elseif (%Ttext = On) { set %Ttext Off | echo -a Removed colored text! }


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TropicalMeltdown   -  Sep 07, 2008

what happend to the rain bow one
and color choose dont wanna work

Riht_2   -  Mar 15, 2008

There, better?

napa182   -  Mar 08, 2008

you spaced ur aliase in ur menu so it dont work to set the colors
you have it like this: .color choose
you should have put it like this: .colorchoose

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