backwards speech

By IzNoGuD on Mar 08, 2008

Got this idea, had a few thoughts about how should i do it, did it this way...
And when it was finished, realized that there's no real use for backwards speech lol .. It may be funny, so here's the code.

usage is :

/backwards This is only an example of backwards speech

result :

hceeps sdrawkcab fo elpmaxe na ylno si sihT

alias backwards {
  var %counter = $numtok($1-,32)
    while (%counter > 0) {
       var %word = $gettok($1-,%counter,32)
       var %newcounter = $len(%word)
          while (%newcounter > 0) {
             var %letter = $mid(%word,%newcounter,1)
             var %finaltext = %finaltext $+ %letter
             dec %newcounter
       var %finaltext = %finaltext $+ _      
       dec %counter
  say $replace(%finaltext,_,$chr(32))


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LuminolBlue   -  Dec 13, 2011

Nice one! :D

RagBot   -  May 31, 2008

lol this is fun to mess with people\'s minds :). This is a great and fun script, i\'m giving it a 10/10. Keep it up, lol.

dmdifiore   -  Mar 10, 2008

alias reverse { msg $active $regsubex($1-,/(.)/g,$mid(\A,-\n,1)) }

Had this in my alias section for a while now. This was made by one of my friends while working on a mimic script.

SyntaxIRC   -  Mar 08, 2008


backwards {
  var %x = 1
  while %x <= $len($1-) {
    var %bkw = $+($iif($mid($1-,%x,1) == $chr(32),[\\^/],$v1),%bkw)
    inc %x
  return $replace(%bkw,[\\^/],$chr(32))


xDaeMoN   -  Mar 08, 2008

You can just 1 while loop, then work your way from the end to the beginning with $mid. :)

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