autovoicer for #fearless

Platform:  mIRC
Published  Mar 01, 2008
Updated  Mar 01, 2008
autovoicer for the #fearless channel, made for my friend ||-David-||, upon personal request //:Dont include any lines preceded by //: as theyre comments
//:Hope this helps david

on *:join:#:{
if ( [fs] isin $nick) { /mode # +v $nick }
else {}


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SnoooP   -  Mar 04, 2008
how many times has this happened now a auto voice script being posted.. lost count hehe
Lindrian   -  Mar 03, 2008
I would try the /avoice command built into mIRC.
Ivanalicius   -  Mar 03, 2008

Better to use this
`AlphA^   -  Mar 02, 2008
not a very good script as you can just change your nick to get voice then change it back again.

try adding a on *:NICK:{ part to devoice them when the FS is removed
Callison1   -  Mar 02, 2008
If you wanted to give this very basic script to one person, why did you use the snippet section of hawkee?
napa182   -  Mar 01, 2008
so i take it the members of that channel all have \"[fs]\" in their nicks?
um you should check if you are +o or not maybe and also if it\'s just for that channel maybe make it only work on it.
HoNdAx707   -  Mar 01, 2008
Add ; to the begining of

and you dont need the \"/\"\'s or
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