By LordHawk on Feb 22, 2008

Very basic News

// NEWS-----------------------------------------------------NEWS
  $nn = 0;
  $query="select * from `News` order by id desc;";
  $qu = mysql_query($query);
  while (($n_obj = mysql_fetch_object($qu)) && ($nn<10)) {
    printf("<table class =\"news\">\n<tr><th>%s : <span class=\"news_tp\">%s</span></th></tr>\n", $n_obj->date, $n_obj->title);
    printf("<tr><td>%s -<span class=\"auth_nm\">%s</span></td></tr>\n</table><br>",$n_obj->body, $n_obj->author);
    $nn = $nn + 1;



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LordHawk   -  Feb 24, 2008

Im rather new to php, ive only been writing php for alittle over 4 months now. I am still learning the easier ways of writing php.

Jonesy44   -  Feb 24, 2008

i dont believe you need $nn, php 4.0 + auto inc\'s a result from an sql table, correct me if im wrong, but that\'s how i\'ve been doing it for a year or so

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