Aliases {updated}

By DemonicDerek666 on Feb 21, 2008

i made this for all the noobs that dont know how to make them for themself and i was bored paste in Aliases

/moderate will make u a mod in the room if u know the pass
/modlist will let u see the rooms mod list
/cmemo will check ur memo's
/rmemo will read a memo
/delmemo will delet the memo
/memo will let u send a memo

all this is easy 2 figure out and use just enter what info it asks for in the box

/moderate /Services IDENTIFY #$?="Roomname" $?="Pass"
/modlist /Services INFO #$?="RoomName"
/cmemo /Services MEMO $?="yournick" check
/rmemo /Services MEMO $?="yournick" read$?="memo #"
/delmemo /Services MEMO $?="yournick" Delete$?="memo #"
/memo /Services MEMO $?="person's nick" $?="Memo Text"
/mod /services AOP #$?="Channel" $?="AddorDel" $?="nick"
/owner /services SOP #$?="Channel" $?="AddorDel" $?="nick"
/reset /services Reset $chan $?="Pass"
/perm /services AOP $chan $?="Add/Del" $?="Nick"
/owner /services sop $chan $?="add/del" $?="nick"
/aopass /Services SET # $?="roomname" $?="AOPorSOP"PASS $?="NewPass"


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Jonesy44   -  Apr 14, 2009

Apologies, i see now :)

DemonicDerek666   -  Apr 14, 2009

nope i chat on ChatSpace Servers

ZiX   -  Apr 25, 2008

Jonesy44, The commands DemonicDerek666 made are not meant for ircd servers.

Jonesy44   -  Feb 22, 2008

just one quick thing, /services is a rarerly found built in alias, especially to ircD servers, i suggest using the full /msg command

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