`Note and `Erase

By Viper01 on Feb 21, 2008

Me again! This time with an seperate script from the Death Note scripts. This one is for ops only though so any ops out there, dont hesitate to use this ^_^

Syntax: note <nick> <optional cause> EX: <Op>note Samplenick

sets mode +b Sample!*@*w/e.org Samplenick was kicked by samplebot Now for the `erase or unban syntax: Syntax: `erase Erasing 's entry... Samplebot sets mode -b Sample!*@*w/e.org its that simple. Also if you havent already, check out my random death note and death note scripts. Any suggestions or comments, i'd love to hear them :) ```mirc on @*:text:`note*:#: { mode $chan +b $address($2,*) .timer 1 2 kick $chan $2- } on @*:text:`erase*:#: { msg $chan Erasing $2 $+ 's entry... .timer 1 2 mode $chan -b $address($2,*) } ```


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Viper01   -  Apr 26, 2008

alright, took me awhile to get back on this but i cleaned up the little bit of code.

guest598594   -  Feb 21, 2008

lol i commented in the other snippet and u erased it...Image


i\'d make it on @*:text: to check if ur op, because u could say \"i\'m erasing $nick\'s entry\" yet not remove the ban

also, kick $chan $2 $3- can just be kick $chan $2-

Viper01   -  Feb 21, 2008

I know my scripting is sort of crude, so any tips to make it better or clean up the code is alright by me. :)

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