Call of Duty 4 server checker

By Lindrian on Feb 18, 2008

I recently started playing call of duty 4, so I thought, why not make a mirc script for it? Might come in handy.
I got the idea from this guy:
This is simply my version of this :)

Command referance:

/codchk [-astc] [alias] [nickname] [Delay]

the -a switch will return the values to an alias, if you want to use this in a channel or similar, you get the point.
the -s switch will "Search" for a user and highlight him in the user list.
the -t switch will enable a delay, which is optional. If no number was specified, 10 seconds will be used.
the -c switch is a simple lookup with echoing.

The script will highlight the user with the lowest ping and show additional information about the server itself and the players.


/codchk -c
/codchk -cs Lindrian
/codchk -ct 50
/codchk -cst Lindrian 50

/codchk -a cod_alias
/codchk -as cod_alias Lindrian
/codchk -at cod_alias 50
/codchk -ast cod_alias Lindrian 50



I have avoided all usage of pure color codes, cause I hate that shit. So im using aliases to return the $chr(), much cleaner imo.

Please report any bugs or suggestions you may have, I havent been working on this very much. I did some vague testing but thats it!

The sript has been updated, channel triggers has been added. Be sure to change "#channel" into your channel name for it to work.

Enjoy! :-)


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Bullet_Dodger   -  Oct 31, 2008

Lindrian is this for XB0X or PS3

Lindrian   -  Feb 19, 2008

Any reason for the \"low\" score (a 6, whoever did that.)

Lindrian   -  Feb 19, 2008

You seem to have modified the script. It works perfectly fine for me.

dave666   -  Feb 19, 2008

This is what I get when i query the server or servers.

[13:16:06] [@Dave] !ki
[13:16:07] [@ki|slave] {Server IP} {Ping} 16 {Players} 0/24 {Server Name} ki | All Out War {Current Map} mp_crossfire {Game} Call Of Duty {Mod} Call of Duty 4

dave666   -  Feb 19, 2008

It can be done I have a bot that will do all that from irc accept the send a message to the server does not seem to work. I am still trying to work why it wont.

It all involves using sockets and parsing. I would like it if someone could work out how to parse the mplog so you could have all chat relayed back to irc.

Lindrian   -  Feb 19, 2008

Im not entirely sure you can do that, dave666. Ive used all info I can get from a server.

dave666   -  Feb 19, 2008

What about doing more on it, like able to see what players are in what slots and able to kick ban from irc and send messages to the server.

Lindrian   -  Feb 18, 2008

Script has been updated, check it out.

Lindrian   -  Feb 18, 2008

Thanks juhapuha - wait for the new version, im sure you\'ll like it even more! :)

juhapuha   -  Feb 18, 2008

The script looks useful.:)

Lindrian   -  Feb 18, 2008

Where can I get in contact with you? Im done with the script (i think), and I would like some proper test before releasing :)

I am at @ #Lindrian, if you join, just highlight me and i\'ll hopefully be around.

bourneident   -  Feb 18, 2008

perfect :)

Lindrian   -  Feb 18, 2008

Thanks. I will look into that. I made the alias support redirection to other aliases (-a switch) for the usage of !trigger, so the user would have to code that himself. But I\'ll work on that, and I\'ll also work on the thing to save favorites.

But please elaborate, how do you wan\'t it to work? I need a little more information. What I have in mind atm is:

!cod add
!cod del
!cod info
!cod list

Is that alright?

So basically, !cod info will run a check and return the info to the channel it was triggered in.

bourneident   -  Feb 18, 2008

hey bro i like this and it works great maybe throw in a !trigger for use in cod4 channel if you can and a save favorites so private servers can be recalled in the chan with the same info with password to connecti know this would be great for the server i\'m on as we run multiple cod4 100mbit servers

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