Death Note

By Viper01 on Feb 16, 2008


Syntax: `dn

It will kick the target nick with the cause: 'You have suffered and died from a Heart Attack' if you leave it blank, or whatever you typed in for the cause.


I setup an op exclusion so the bot won't kick any ops, setup a no self-kicking system(You have to change BOTNAME to your bots name for it to work), and setup a no-false-name system. the NFN system works as follows:

`dn The_Universe The_Universe isn't in the channel, Nick. More will be coming soon. Bonus: If you loved this script or based your script off of this one originally, why not try the Random Death Note? It's located at and I'm always updating both to keep up with consumer demand. While your here/there, why don't you post some suggestions on how to make it better? I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks, and enjoy your scripts. ```mirc on *:Text:`DN*:#: { var %kira $nick var %dead $2 var %cause $3- if ($2 == $me) { msg $chan I/He cannot die. | halt } if (%dead isop $chan) { msg $chan Even I cannot kill another, %kira $+ . | halt } if (%dead !ison $chan) { msg $chan %dead isn't in the channel, %kira $+ . | halt } else { var %HA You have suffered and died from a Heart Attack. if (!$3) { .timer 1 3 describe $chan writes %dead in the Death Note. .timer 1 10 kick $chan %dead %HA ( $+ %kira } else { .timer 1 3 describe $chan writes %dead in the Death Note. .timer 1 10 kick $chan %dead %cause ( $+ %kira } } } ;Don't add the )s after the %kira-s, when it kicks or 'kills' someone, it will look like this: 'Samplenick was kicked by Samplebot (Sample Death (Samplenick)', letting people who have been 'killed' who 'killed' them. ```


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Viper01   -  Apr 28, 2008

Any other comments/suggestions anyone wants to make? I\'m working on 3 new games(none of which is easy since my laptop got banned from school for playing Unreal Tournament during class) (<.< >.>) So if anyone wants to suggest something for this, or my other script, the Random Death Note, be my guest.

Note: Working on cleaning up coding on this as well, hope you enjoy it when it\'s done.

Viper01   -  Feb 21, 2008

Updated: Setup a kick exclusion for ops (Ops can no longer be targeted) and setup a system that checks if the nick is in the channel, and if they/it isnt, it doesnt activate. If anyone else has any suggestions, I\'d love to hear them.

JOBNED1   -  Feb 18, 2008

I actually used this to make a modified form thanks.

Viper01   -  Feb 17, 2008

Fixed the If statement and cleaned up the $3 == $null problem

napa182   -  Feb 17, 2008

take out the global vars use

var %kira $nick
  var %dead $2
  var %cause $3-
  var %HA You have suffered and died from a Heart Attack.

and also you can use this instead of if ($3 == $null){

if (!$3) {

and fix the timer floods by useing this on ur timers


and fix ur else statement as [Joshh] stated
but this is an interesting script you should really turn it into somthing big like the show lol..

[Joshh]   -  Feb 17, 2008

you do know it won\'t unset the variables and will skip the else as your missing a closing bracket in your if statement.

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