User Help, ON JOIN, ON PART v3.0

By on Jan 19, 2004

This is the second version of's User Help, ON JOIN, and ON PART. Pretty much contains all of the features of the old one, except uses $+ to print variables without a space between them

UPDATED: There was a mistake between the $+'s. You are supposed to put the space between it, and it will print it without a space.

HAWKEE.COM ADMIN: Please delete the old script.

ON *:TEXT:!help:#: {
      notice $nick Nick Registration: /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <e-mail>
      notice $nick Channel Registration: /msg ChanServ REGISTER <channel> <password> <e-mail>
      notice $nick Memo Sending: /msg MemoServ SEND <nick> <message>
      notice $nick  
      notice $nick While using MemoServ, you must have a registered nick.

ON !*:JOIN:#: {
      notice $nick Welcome to $chan $+ , $nick $+ !
      notice $nick Enjoy your stay!!!

ON *:PART:#: {
      notice $nick Goodbye, and thanks for coming to $chan $+ !


Sign in to comment.   -  Jan 25, 2004

Good Recommendation! I\'ll submit another one

sailoreagle   -  Jan 25, 2004

Just a small suggestion from my own helping experience... you might want to not give users command information - especially not nick and channel registration commands - with <>s around the values. Users can and will put them in the commands, at which point they\'ll come back again wondering why their password isn\'t working etc etc :P

X-FILE   -  Jan 20, 2004

sure sure

 Respond   -  Jan 19, 2004

ON !:JOIN:#:, ON :PART:#: and ON *:TEXT:#:\'s are all correct. So just so you know.

 Respond   -  Jan 19, 2004

X-FILE [banned]

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