Advanced Trout Protection

By SyntaxIRC on Feb 11, 2008

Before doing anything, please replace YOURUSERNAME with the obvious in the script box below. The script is simple yet more advanced and unique than the others. It cuts up the trout (not really) and 'merchants' it for cash, using the formula you can see in variable %d

I don't expect much of a rating for this, but heck, it's a fun script :P

on *:action:*slaps*YOURUSERNAME*trout*:#: {
  var %i = $rand(50,120)
  var %d = $mid($calc(%i /2.24),1,$calc($pos($calc(%i /2.24),.,1) + 2))
  inc %tsold
  inc %tcash %d
  describe $chan takes the trout from $+($nick,$chr(44)) cuts it up in %i pieces and merchants them for $+($chr(36),$bytes(%d,db),.) (Trout sold: %tsold Cash: $+($chr(36),$bytes(%tcash,db),$chr(41))


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Jethro   -  Apr 30, 2011

This is better though:

$(/(^| )slaps? \Q $+ $replacecs($me,\E,\E\\E\Q) $+ \E.*trouts?( |$)/iS)
Get_A_Fix   -  Apr 30, 2011

lol, that's ok, some of us are still here

Serpentsounds   -  Apr 30, 2011

on $:ACTION:$(/slaps.?\Q $+ $me $+ \E.*?trout/iS):#:{ }

Edit: Whoops, didn't realize how old this was...just was looking at the recent comment feed, haha.

chachin   -  Apr 30, 2011

it works perfectly. but i dont know why it lags.. it takes 2 seconds to react

Get_A_Fix   -  Feb 11, 2008


if (($me isin $1-) && (*trout* iswm $1-)) {

seems logical.

Jonesy44   -  Feb 11, 2008

perhaps use $me in there?

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