Capitalize/add a dot

By Lindrian on Feb 10, 2008

More in-detail info can be found in the forum post, here:

Since hawkee stripts backslashes, its posted on the forums:


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HoNdAx707   -  Feb 12, 2008

also 9/10 its very good work =)

EL   -  Feb 12, 2008

9/10 Lindrian,Why you ask,cause it works,not only does it work,it makes me look like i can type properly LOL!...Next step Spell Check.Good job.`-.-

Lindrian   -  Feb 11, 2008

Can\'t find what you\'re talking about jonesy44....

Jonesy44   -  Feb 10, 2008


Check your spelling error in the code too =P

Lindrian   -  Feb 10, 2008

I know there was a double post, i told hawkee to delete the previous one. And \"it stips the code\"?

Jonesy44   -  Feb 10, 2008

Double post, and it stips the code =P

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