Text Reverser

By Sephiroth1n6 on Feb 10, 2008

usage $reverse

//say $reverse(This text will be reversed)

input reverser, ( second part)

hold ctrl when you push enter

alias reverse { return $regsubex($1-,/(.)/g,$mid(\A,-\n,1)) }

on *:INPUT:#:{
  if ($ctrlenter) {
    haltdef | msg $active $regsubex($1-,/(.)/g,$mid(\A,-\n,1))


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Scakk   -  Aug 03, 2008

It does not allow any punctutaion aside from a period.

mannix143   -  Aug 03, 2008


Jonesy44   -  Feb 10, 2008

If you can find a use for this gimme a shout, cause i can\'t :s
Don\'t get me wrong however, good scripting work, tbh, i\'d have been using loops and stuff like mountaindew was just saying =P

guest598594   -  Feb 10, 2008

wow...i never knew it was that easy

i was on yahoo answers a little while ago, and this guy wanted a palindrome verifier, and i made a little test one in mirc before vb, and i was like doin loops, var\'in the $left(string,%x), then the $mid of that, and then putting it all together...

so good job, this can come in handy Image

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