YYYY-MM-DD Date Conversion

By Hawkee on Aug 11, 2004

This will convert a sortable YYYY-MM-DD date into a more presentable date. $date can be set to any date as long as it fits this format.


    list($year, $month, $day) = split("-", $date);
    $date = date('M d, Y', mktime(0, 0, 0, $month, $day, $year));



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Hawkee   -  Aug 17, 2004

If it were to do Visual Basic it would be ASP. I want to introduce new languages slowly though. It takes time for each one to become established

X-FILE   -  Aug 17, 2004

why don\'t you make a Visual Basic code snippets section? I know it has nothing to do with webs but oh well ..

Hawkee   -  Aug 11, 2004

I\'ve used this a countless number of times. I used to have to look it up but I can pretty much do it from memory now.

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