ircop spamfilter dialog

By Gemster on Feb 04, 2008

A full spamfilter dialog made easy to use :P
For N00bie to expert.

I made this dialog as part of previous full ircop dialog but since then i have had many ppl asking for just the spamfilter dialog.

So here you go guys :P

Just copy and paste in remotes (alt+r)
Right click in a chan and u will see it :P

Menu channel {
Spamfilter:/dialog -m Pdialog Pdialog }

dialog Pdialog {
  title "Spamfilters"
  size -1 -1 200 273
  option dbu
  button "Add", 1, 8 8 37 12
  button "Delete", 2, 8 24 37 12
  button "List", 3, 8 40 37 12
  text "ADD: /spamfilter add type action tkltime reason regex ", 4, 56 16 132 8
  text "NOTES :", 5, 56 8 25 8
  text "DEL: /spamfilter del type action tkltime reason regex ", 6, 56 24 130 8
  text "[type] specifies the target type, you can specify multiple targets. ", 7, 8 64 161 8
  text "c = channel msg", 8, 8 72 52 8
  text "p = private msg ", 9, 8 80 53 8
  text "n = private notice ", 10, 8 88 56 8
  text "N = channel notice ", 11, 8 96 57 8
  text "P = part msg ", 12, 8 104 58 8
  text "q = quit msg", 13, 8 112 59 8
  text "[action] specifies the action to be taken (only 1 action can be specified). ", 14, 8 128 178 8
  text "block (blocks the msg) ", 15, 8 136 67 8
  text "kill ", 16, 8 144 67 8
  text "tempshun (only shun current session) ", 17, 8 152 99 8
  text "shun ", 18, 8 160 70 8
  text "kline ", 19, 8 168 68 8
  text "gline ", 20, 8 176 69 8
  text "zline ", 21, 8 184 69 8
  text "gzline", 22, 8 192 68 8
  text "[regex] this is the actual regex(text) where we should block on.", 23, 8 208 159 9
  text "[tkltime] the duration of the *LINEs placed by action (use   -   to use the default set::spamfilter::ban-time, this value is ignored for block/tempshun).", 24, 8 224 187 16
  text "[reason] the reason for the Spamfilter, CANNOT CONTAIN SPACES _ will be translated to spaces. Again dont use - in the reason space.", 25, 8 248 189 17
  text "-  = defalt", 26, 79 49 51 8
  box "Help Box", 27, 3 55 195 217, disable
on *:DIALOG:Pdialog:sclick:1:{ /spamfilter add $$?="Type (ie: c,p,n,N,P,q) you can use more than 1 ie: cpnN" $$?="Action (ie: block,kill,tempshun,shun,kline,gline) only 1 action can be specifyed." $$?="tkltime (ie: -,1h,2h,12h ect,1d,2d,30d ect) use - for default. Note blocks & temshuns use -." $$?="Reason (do not use space's or -, use _ insead." $$?="Regex (text) ie: This is the message the spamfilter will catch on" }
on *:DIALOG:Pdialog:sclick:2:{ /spamfilter del $$?="Type (same as the one to be deleted, use list to view the spamfilter you wish to delete)" $$?="Action(same as the one to be deleted, use list to view the spamfilter you wish to delete)" $$?="tkltime (same as the one to be deleted, use list to view the spamfilter you wish to delete)use - if no time is specifyed" $$?="Reason (same as the one to be deleted, use list to view the spamfilter you wish to delete)" $$?="Regex(Text) (same as the one to be deleted, use list to view the spamfilter you wish to delete)" }
on *:DIALOG:Pdialog:sclick:3:{ /spamfilter }


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EL   -  Feb 05, 2008

Lol its np,we just aint cool enuff to have those type of things without coding the shit ourselves lol.

Gemster   -  Feb 05, 2008

ok np EL

Ive never used chatspace so i cant say.
If u get spafilter unknown command then maybe chatspace dosent support spamfilters or it uses a different format.

Anyways thank for comments and votes. :D

Gemster   -  Feb 05, 2008

i added the word /server to be blocked form and msg in channel,pm,all notices,part msg,join msg and quit msg (cpnNPq.

This is what ppl get when they try to type that spamfilter

\"[13:54] please type /server 6667

Opers Message blocked: Please dont spam\"

EL   -  Feb 05, 2008

Yeah its:


based, im a chatspace server owner it will not work on chatspace.And i think i know how to copy an paste kthanks.Still givin you a 7/10 tho cause of others comments.Seems it works.Just not on chatspace.

Gemster   -  Feb 05, 2008


You need to be an ircop to add spamfilters and this snippet has been well tested on unreal and works perfect.

I dont see where u have a problem with it, maybe u havent copyed the full code as the full code is clearly in the box above and as far as i see u are the only one who gets an error.

EL   -  Feb 05, 2008

this isnt for chatpace is it?...Has to be a network thing or something with a built in spam filter cause this wont work as is.

Gemster   -  Feb 05, 2008

and btw the reason this code is huge for just a spamfilter is that it has a lot of help in there as spamfilters can be very tricky and confusion even for the experts out there.

Gemster   -  Feb 05, 2008


here ive broke it down a little for u :P

\"TYPE\" is the part to protect from (where spamfilter is trigered from) ie:

c= channel
p= private msg
n= private notice
N= channel notice
P= part msg
q= quit msg

What happens when a spamfilter is triggerd ie:


the last popup is the acually word that u want to add to the spamfilter

water_dragon   -  Feb 05, 2008

09:41:50 *** Spamfilter added: \'test\' [target: c] [action: block] [reason: Message Blocked - We Don\'t Like Advertising Here!!] on Tue Feb 5 09:41:50 2008 GMT (from Dragon!

thats wot it does EL

EL   -  Feb 05, 2008

lol what? am i missing something here? All i see is a dialog an a not to well code one as far as thats concerned,is there more to this code?im lost here and if there is please post it...

water_dragon   -  Feb 05, 2008

Nice Script Works Perfect :) 9/10

HoNdAx707   -  Feb 05, 2008

i cant say much about dialogs dont know about them but i love the idea.. i had to use it once to block a guy ddos\'ing irc... didnt know what to do...
anyway i like it good job

EL   -  Feb 05, 2008

SPAMFILTER Unknown command calls that error several times,umm why is it just the dialog again? wheres the actually spam PROTECTION/FILTER? Its just a dialog? Not to mention the fact it poorly made,terrible interface and its effin huge,continuous pop ups to add a word?.Why not have editable spaces an lists etc.All in all its useless with out the actual protections.`-.-

Get_A_Fix   -  Feb 04, 2008

Nice :)
I tested this on mIRC 6.21 with Unreal3.2.7 and it works perfectly.

Gemster   -  Feb 04, 2008

Have fun :D

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