Voice Script V. 3.0

By Kinight on Feb 04, 2008

Voice Script V. 3.0
More More stuff
Added it to be more user friendly.
Updated server(:

Special Thanks to:
Hawkee User: Lysergic Diethylamide,
Hawkee User: napa182

Updated on 08/03/09
Reason: Edited some ports, removed a couple lines, and sped the script up

on *:LOAD: {
  echo Writing VoiceThings.Txt
  write VoiceThings.txt 
  write VoiceThings.txt kicks his computer
  write VoiceThings.txt Bans his computer
  write Voicethings.txt restarts his computer
  write Voicethings.txt takes a hammer and smashes his computer
  write Voicethings.txt restarts, and uses WIndows 98
  write Voicethings.txt Likes pie
  write Voicethings.txt zline's his computer 
  write Voicethings.txt shoots his computer :| 
  write Voicethings.txt stabs his computer in the hard drive
  write Voicethings.txt rips his computer to shreds
  write Voicethings.txt uses winzip
  write Voicethings.txt kicks his computer off the network
  write Voicethings.txt glines his computer from every IRC Server ever made.
  write Voicethings.txt takes a shit on his computer
  echo Please input channel
  set %voicechan $$?="Enter Channel for Bot Use"
  echo 7,1 T 4,1 H 2,1 X 12,1 For loading my script 
  echo 3,1 For help, go to... 
  echo 9,1 /server -m irc.frozenmafia.com:6667 
  echo 4,1 Channels: #FrozenMafia
  echo 7,1 Alex
  echo 7,1 Special Thanks to: Hawkee User: Lysergic Diethylamide, Hawkee User: napa182,

on *:Join:%voicechan: {
if ($me isop %voicechan ) {  
msg $chan One minute $nick Im getting your Voice
  .timer 1 2 msg $chan it doesn't seem to be working...
  .timer 1 4 describe $chan $read(Voicethings.txt)
  .timer 1 6 describe $chan $read(Voicethings.txt)
  .timer 1 8 msg $chan now i got it $nick
  .timer 1 10 msg $chan Maybe...
  .timer 1 12 msg $chan UHH SCRIPT NOT WORKING
  .timer 1 13 mode $chan +v $nick
  .timer 1 15 msg $chan ?? Wow, it worked!

on *:unload:{
echo Great, i feel loved.  I was unloaded....
server -m irc.frozenmafia.tk:6667  
unset %voicechan


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chachin   -  Sep 10, 2011

lmfao this is funny stuff :D

frozenmafia   -  Jul 08, 2010

hey kinight! You put the irc thingy in wrong XD irc.frozenmafia.tk Also, to see this script in action, join #alex whilst there

echo 9,1 /server -m irc.frozenmafia.com:6667
should be
echo 9,1 /server -m irc.frozenmafia.tk:6667

Tamaki   -  Apr 06, 2009

that is funny ^_^

Kinight   -  Feb 28, 2009

Darkkeeper: Lol, its halarious
mountaindew: done :)

napa182   -  Feb 25, 2008

so i see you deleted everyones comments that tried to help you =/

Darkkeeper   -  Feb 25, 2008

xD ok thats funny kinight XD but i agree with dew, .timer cause seeing all them timers in your status window is annoying as hell

guest598594   -  Feb 25, 2008

make them .timer instead of /timer so that it doesn\'t flood the status window Image

Kinight   -  Feb 25, 2008


This script WILL NOT work for YOU when you join a channel if you are set for an auto-anything that can set voice

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