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By d-_-b on Jan 28, 2008

This is my bot script I created.. (duh) It may not be good, and don't d/l it if you don't know how to use a bot script.. You also have to edit it for some commands, and to make yourself bot owner, type: /guser BotMaster YourNickName And then edit the commands how you want them such as the passwords and user names. Very simple. (Btw, it's kinda messy, don't complain though.. It works. :P)

on BotMaster:TEXT:`BotMaster*:*:{ /guser BotMaster $address($2-,3) }
on BotMaster:TEXT:`BotAdmin*:*:{ /guser BotAdmin $2 | /msg $2- $2- You've been added to the BotAdmin list, type `commands for a list of commands. }
on BotMaster:TEXT:`BotOp*:*:{ /guser BotOp $2 | /msg $2- $2- You've been added to the BotOp list, type `commands for a list of commands. }
on BotMaster:text:`oper*:*:{ /oper <id> <password> }
on BotMaster:text:`kline*:*:{ /kline $2 $2- }
on BotMaster:text:`gline*:*:{ /gline $2 $2- }
on BotMaster:text:`id*:*:{ /ns identify <password> }
on BotMaster:text:`1id*:*:{ /cs identify #<chan> <password> }
on BotMaster:text:`2id*:*:{ cs identify #<chan> <password> }
on BotMaster:text:`say*:*:{ /msg # $2- }
on BotMaster:text:`act*:*:{ describe # $2- }
on BotMaster:text:`nick*:*:{ /nick $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`join*:*:{ /join $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`part*:*:{ /part $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`quit:*:{ /quit Quit command used by $nick }
on BotMaster:text:`kill*:*:{ kill $2 $2- }
on BotMaster:text:`sop*:*:{ cs sop # add $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`aop*:*:{ cs aop # add $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`access10*:*:{ cs access # add $2 10 }
on BotMaster:text:`access5*:*:{ cs access # add $2 5 }
on BotMaster:text:`owner*:*:{ cs owner # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`deowner*:*:{ cs deowner # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`protect:*:{ cs protect # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`deprotect*:*:{ cs deprotect # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`op*:*:{ cs op # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`deop*:*:{ cs deop # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`halfop*:*:{ cs halfop # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`dehalfop*:*:{ cs dehalfop #  $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`voice*:*:{ cs voice # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`devoice*:*:{ cs devoice # $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`+q*:*:{ mode # +q $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`-q*:*:{ mode # -q $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`+a*:*:{ mode # +a $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`-a*:*:{ mode # -a $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`+o*:*:{ mode # +o $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`-o*:*:{ mode # -o $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`+h*:*:{ mode # +h $2 } 
on BotMaster:text:`-h*:*:{ mode # -h $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`+v*:*:{ mode # +v $2 }
on BotMaster:text:`-v*:*:{ mode # -v $2 }
on BotMaster:TEXT:*`kick*:#:{ /kick # $2- }
on BotMaster:TEXT:`ban*:*:{ mode # +b $address($2-,3) | kick # $2- }
on BotMaster:TEXT:`hop:*:{ /hop # }
on BotMaster:text:`register:*:{ /cs register # <password> .. }
on BotMaster:join:#:{ msg # Welcome back master $nick  }

on BotAdmin:text:`commands*:*:{ notice $nick BotAdmin commands are: `join #channame `part #channame `say msg `act msg `protect nick `unprotect nick `op nick `deop nick `halfop nick `dehalop nick `voice nick `devoice nick `kick nick `ban nick }
on BotAdmin:text:`join*:*:{ join $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`part*:*:{ part $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`say*:*:{ msg # $2- }
on BotAdmin:text:`act*:*:{ describe # $2- }
on BotAdmin:text:`hop*:*:{ hop # }
on BotAdmin:text:`protect*:*:{ cs protect # $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`unprotect*:*:{ cs deprotect # $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`op*:*:{ mode # +o $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`deop*:*:{ mode # -o $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`halfop*:*:{ cs halfop # $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`dehalfop*:*:{ cs dehalfop # $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`voice*:*:{ mode # +v $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`devoice*:*:{ mode # -v $2 }
on BotAdmin:text:`kick*:*:{ kick # $2- }
on BotAdmin:text:`ban*:*:{ mode # +b $address($2-,3) | kick # $2- }
on BotAdmin:join:#:{ msg # Welcome back BotAdmin $nick | mode # +a $nick }

on BotOp:text:`commands*:*:{ notice $nick BotOp commands are: `op `deop, `voice, `devoice, `say, `hop, `kick, `ban. }
on BotOp:text:`say*:*:{ msg # $2- }
on BotOp:text:`act*:*:{ describe # $2- }
on BotOp:text:`hop*:*:{ hop # }
on BotOp:text:`halfop*:*:{ mode # +h $2 }
on BotOp:text:`dehalfop*:*:( mode # -h $2 }
on BotOp:text:`voice*:*:{ mode # +v $2 }
on BotOp:text:`devoice*:*:{ mode # -v $2 } 
on BotOp:text:`kick*:*:{ kick # $2- }
on BotOp:text:`ban*:*:{ mode # +b $address($2-,3) | kick # $2- }
on BotOp:join:#:{  msg # Welcome back BotOp $nick | mode # +o $nick }

on *:text:-Ops:*:{ msg # 10Ops expl: 4The nicks at the top of the Channel Names List (located on the right side of your screen) with the ~ & or @ symbol in front of them indicates this person is a Channel Operator or op for short. Their job is to enforce the rules and to maintain a friendly chat environment for all. They also have the ability to kick and ban people from the channel who refuse to follow rules. Ops positions are earned and NOT handed out randomly. }
on *:text:-GetOped:*:{ msg # 4Chan Ops are not given by repeatedly asking for them.  Do not approach someone for a chanop, we will approach you. Thank you. :) }
on *:text:-caps:*:{ msg # 4All Caps = rude, rude  = kick, kick = :'( so don't use caps please. ;D }
on *:text:-ignore:*:{ msg # 4If someone is bothering you , you can type /ignore <nick> to ignore the bothersome party. }
on *:text:-nick:*:{ msg # 4To change your nick, you simply type /nick newnick, for example: /nick Jonathan  If you need further help just ask a channel Operator. If you would like to register your nickname, just type: /ns register <Password> <Email> }
on *:text:-action:*:{ msg # 4To perform actions, type: /me <msg> It will most likely put what you write in purple with your name in front. }
on *:text:-racism:*:{ msg # 4We do not tolerate any unappropriate behavior in this channel  such as racial slurs or demeaning of another person in anyway.. just clean fun!! }
on *:text:-help:*:{ msg # 4If you need more help and answers for your questions please type: /join #Support or /join #Help and someone will assist you. }
on *:text:-rules:*:{ msg # 4For information on rules just simply type: /rules }
on *:text:-remind:*:{ describe # would like to remind you all that you do know the rules of this channel, if you choose not to follow them we will remove you. }
on *:text:-list:*:{ msg # 4If you would like to see a list of channels on this server, type: /list }
on *:text:-room:*:{ msg # 4To register a channel, type: /cs register #roomname <password> <description> }
on *:text:`?*:*:if ($nick !isBotMaster) && ($nick !isBotAdmin) && ($nick !isBotOp) notice $nick Only BotOps and/or BotAdmins can use these commands, if you wish to become one, pls speak with BotMaster: <nicname>.
on *:text:-avoice:*:{ msg # 4 To make your room auto-voice users on entrance, type: /cs set #roomname xop off Followed by: /cs levels #roomname set autovoice -1 }
on *:text:-Hop:*:{ msg # 4 To set an auto-halfop for you room, type: /cs hop #roomname add <nickname> or /cs access #roomname add <nicname> 4 }
on *:text:-Aop:*:{ msg # 4 To set an auto-operator for your room, type: /cs aop #roonname add <nickname> or /cs access #roomname add <nicname> 5 }
on *:text:-Sop:*:{ msg # 4 To set an auto-administrator for your room, type: /cs sop #roomname add <nickname> or /cs access #roomname add <nickname> 10 }


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fire_wizard1   -  Jan 27, 2009

wait was that Cheirion making a polite comment O_O wow i guess everything is possible oh well, oh ya i am currently working on an akick w/ akick protection snippet, and its not going to be as messy as my last two snippets :} <.< well i hope >.>

fire_wizard1   -  Dec 04, 2008

it needs work, i put it into my bots mIRC and nothing when i tried the commands

log2   -  Feb 10, 2008

\"and don\'t d/l it if you don\'t know how to use a bot script.. You also have to edit it for some commands\"

First of all, your bot script should not need to be used, it should come naturally, the user also shouldn\'t have to see any code, so you should use things like $?=\"Enter Question here\" Or better yet, make a dialog to that automatically runs the first time a script is installed, Dialogs are easy as pie, \"/help dialogs\" for more help on dialogs, but a dialog is perfect for a script that when loaded multiple settings have to be changed

d-_-b   -  Jan 28, 2008

Well.. For one, I am GMan on the F.W. server, and for two, I am a newbie at scripting, so no..that\'s not the best script ever, sorry for not being the perfect scripter. >:P

Noutrious   -  Jan 28, 2008

When i started i didn\'t post every my snippet just because i made it! I knew it was useless and continued scripting untill i saw that this script could be useful for others!

Im not the only person saying this, but this is stupid!

And see, the author for 90% won\'t even try to edit this script or even won\'t show his ass around here.

Sorry, i really am a pesimistic person, but i know that this time i got the truth - there just ain\'t need for these snippets!

guest598594   -  Jan 28, 2008

so when you started out scripting, Noutrious, you were absolutely perfect? i dont think so...most of these snippets on the site could be made two times better and easier, but i dont go around to every script saying about how bad it sucks.

Noutrious   -  Jan 28, 2008

I don\'t call the scripter stupid, i call the snippet stupid.
And how can i see if it is useful or not if i dont click them?
Just the thing, that things like this can be done in about 1 minute and 2 times better & easier way - thats the thing i was trying to say.

Whats the just of reposting same idea over and over if its even badder than last one?

Okay, i stfu anyways..

Fan_Of_Ur_Mom   -  Jan 28, 2008

Noutrious, don\'t call someone stupid because they are not the best scripters in the world..... That makes you the stupid arrogant one... And Cheiron, wrong d--b. :P And yes,from the Frostwire server. :) And d--b I can help you shorten it if you want, I believe you have my MSN. :P Other then that, great script mate.

Fan_Of_Ur_Mom   -  Jan 28, 2008

Noutrious, don\'t call someone stupid because they are not the best scripters in the world..... That makes you the stupid arrogant one... And Cheiron, wrong d--b. :P And yes,from the Frostwire server. :) And d--b I can help you shorten it if you want, I believe you have my MSN. :P Other then that, great script mate.

EL   -  Jan 28, 2008

@ Noutrious So don\'t click on them O_o?

Noutrious   -  Jan 28, 2008

ahh, this could be about 50% shorter, really im starting to hate all these stupid-snippet posters :(

Cheiron   -  Jan 28, 2008

welcome to Hawkee d-_-b .. i have had the pleasure of seeing you, i believe on the frostwire server. if i am thinking the right person heh. will be looking forward to seeing your snippets and reviewing them :)

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