Someone Help Please

By EliteT0kr on Aug 08, 2004

Ok, this is for a client that uses mirc to go into a game server, which btw doesnt have chanserv etc etc. It is supposed to AutoOp people when u add them to hash tables when they join. it SHOULD work, but it doesnt auto op them when they join, can someone please hel me locate this bug so i can get this up and running, thx. btw, the server that the client uses is localhost.


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yourfunworld   -  Nov 23, 2007


That is my ip and it isn\'t yours. I also own a server that has the ip:!

DarthReven   -  Dec 23, 2004

AutoOp end

Yoinx   -  Dec 22, 2004

umm... have you seen the control section of the mirc address book?

astro   -  Aug 09, 2004

($serverip == could be the problem => server ips appear backwards when you echo them IE:

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