Hack script with write command

By HKboy on Jan 22, 2008

This is 1 of my first made snippets, so let's begin.

First, add this snippet in your bot. Put your IRC name in the YOURNAMEHERE!!!!!! sign.

You can edit what kind of password, in the second row: There is already Runescape, MSN, irc and more. To add more, just type something after the dot, and close your next item with a dot.

To start getting passwords, you must have entered your name in there. Then type !writehack , and it will be saved to password.txt. Everybody gets the message that the new password is set in password.txt, but ONLY the name that is entered in the snippet can save to password.txt, the others' message is fake.

Then, type !hack , and then the fun may begin ^^

Rate it or hate it :)

on *:TEXT:!hack *:#: {
  var %phrases Runescape.MSN.IRC.Hyves.Ebay.computer account.Bank.
  timer 1 1 msg $chan H3a1c3k1i3n4g3 $2
  timer 1 5 msg $chan 4 $2 $+ 's1 $gettok(%phrases,$r(1,$numtok(%phrases,46)),46)  password is15 $read(password.txt)
on *:text:!writehack *:#: { if ($nick == YOURNAMEHERE!!!!!!!!!) /write password.txt $2-
  /notice $nick 4 $2- is now added into file password.txt


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xplo   -  Jul 25, 2010

its lame and shall be deleted!

Hamed Crow   -  Jul 25, 2010

I don't get it ...

Slient_Death   -  Feb 28, 2008

seems nice but seems that !hack doesnt want to work

Shamim   -  Feb 24, 2008

lemmy cheek this :p

guest598594   -  Jan 25, 2008

use should like make it $$2- for the `writehack

napa182   -  Jan 25, 2008

eh lame

guest598594   -  Jan 25, 2008

that\'s exactly what it does, it\'s not actually their real password

LucSatise   -  Jan 25, 2008

i dont get it... seems to me like it reads a random pass from a txt file

HKboy   -  Jan 23, 2008

Thanks for the compliments :-) and further info

Thesaurus   -  Jan 22, 2008

I\'m not a huge fan of hack scripts, mainly because their so easy to make. But, this one has a lot more usability than others :)

Good job.

Korvin   -  Jan 22, 2008

o and also i think it would be better as on :TEXT:!hack :?: { that makes it only work in pm\'s

Korvin   -  Jan 22, 2008

this is a nice idea =D maybe hashtables are a better means of getting it, and also storing the info in this form !store ACC PASS ex:

if ($1 == !store) { //writeini _pass.ini $$2 $$3 } 

that will save as


and you can get the info by $readini(_pass.ini,$2) =D i like the way you did this though, but expanding is in order

jub369   -  Jan 22, 2008

nice really nice i likke it

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