Slap back-coin-and dice all in one

By [-DDC-]Darkness on Jan 14, 2008

It's simple.
When someone slaps you, you smack the person back automatically.
Someone can do !coin and you flip a coin
Someone can do !dice and you roll a die.
Easy, huh?

Feel free to change up the slap script or add more stuff to it


This includes a SLAP BACK script [ when you get slapped it'll slap the other person back ], a die script [ !dice ], and a coin script [ !coin ]....And these area all on texts, just so j00 know. ;)

on *:action:*slaps *$me*:#: {
  set %items $rand(1,10)
  if (%items == 1) /set %items a big old turd.
  if (%items == 2) /set %items a metal dildo.
  if (%items == 3) /set %items his penis.
  if (%items == 4) /set %items a sword.
  if (%items == 5) /set %items a cactus.
  if (%items == 6) /set %items his cell phone.
  if (%items == 7) /set %items a group of fags.
  if (%items == 8) /set %items a crow bar.
  if (%items == 9) /set %items Akira's small penis.
  if (%items == 10) /set %items a slut from Las Vegas 
  describe slaps you back with %items

on *:text:!coin:#: {
  set %coin $rand(1,2) {
    if (%coin == 1) /set %coin Heads!
    if (%coin == 2) /set %coin Tails!
    describe has flipped a %coin  

on *:text:!dice:#: {
  set %dice $rand(1,6) {
    if (%dice == 1) /set %dice 1!
    if (%dice == 2) /set %dice 2!
    if (%dice == 3) /set %dice 3!
    if (%dice == 4) /set %dice 4!
    if (%dice == 5) /set %dice 5!
    if (%dice == 6) /set %dice 6!
    describe has rolled a %dice


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guest598594   -  Jan 14, 2008

3) in the dice, you put \"decribe\" not \"describe $chan\" ;o

i meant u put \"describe\"

guest598594   -  Jan 14, 2008

I agree with HeatedHeart, i give it a 3 also.

1) put ;\'s in front of the comments in the script or do


2) you should use var rather than set
3) in the dice, you put \"decribe\" not \"describe $chan\" ;o

These scripts do work, good job, but it can be simplified very easily

rather than doing \"if %var = N then ...\" you can do (for example with the coin)...

on *:text:!coin:#: describe $chan flipped a $gettok(Heads Tails,$r(1,2),32)

and the dice can simply be \"describe $chan has rolled a $r(1,6)\"

//help $rand [aka $r]
//help $gettok
//help /var

HeatedHeart   -  Jan 14, 2008

a 3/10 =/

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