Anti-Drone (Random nick & ident)

By xplo on Jan 12, 2008

ban Drones ( Random nick and ident ) On join.
So they don't have time to spam on the channel.
You can change the channel name if your not on undernet, but if you are on undernet please leave them like this.
It will work with X If your not op.
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#Original Code from  SanitariuM @ Undernet

on *:join:#:{ 
  if ($regex($fulladdress,/^([A-Z]{8})!~?(?!1)(?1)@(?!.*$)/)) { 
    if ($me isop $chan) { 
      mode $chan +b $address($nick,2)  
      kick $chan $nick Please get your pc cleaned on channel #nohack or with a cleaner. 
    else { 
      msg x ban $chan $address($nick,2) Please get your pc cleaned on channel #nohack or with a cleaner


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felix_xp   -  Aug 17, 2016

where is the code?

xplo  -  Mar 06, 2017

i found it, the site broke it. i just clicked edit and removed a line then it showed on save.

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TheWhistler   -  Aug 23, 2010

why do that when you can install the Unrealircd module call Anti-Random and here is the link to it if u own a shell , then you wnat have to worry the above. yes this works great cause i used it befor and yes it may get a few chatters now and then but it worth it if you have those type bots connecting.Description:
This module attempts to identify random-looking nicks/idents/realnames and takes the specified action (kill/gline/etc). Useful against bots, Gemster you should use this
plus it gives u a text for a page to go read on the site if you have 1 on what to do if a chatter gets caught. good luck. i have 1 bot that tries to connect and gets banned then my stats goes down , anybody know why this happens, mail me at

x1L22   -  Aug 22, 2010

Does not work :S

Phoenix-   -  Feb 06, 2010

They can appear registered but that is if people have the time and effort to actually register it... If you don't do email confirmations then you need just remove your network and be done with it because it's definitely waiting to be hit. It's not perfect, no, but it's the best thing that's been made so far.

The problem is lag... if you check the /who on a nickname but you have around 20-30 nicknames alone with hundreds more connecting... it'll really put a strain on your connection & probably flood you out. That's the only problem so you need to create some filter that counts the number that join at a period of time then pauses on a timer to ban the rest OR you could possibly ban range IP/hosts unless there's a large amount of IPs and hosts being used...

So no, it's impossible for a 100% working anti-drone script but it can be done to filter most out.

Jethro   -  Feb 05, 2010

I have yet to see a 100% foolproof script written to catch drones. And I think drones can appear registered if I'm correct.

Phoenix-   -  Feb 05, 2010

For example... here's a few

(Sat/12:47:06 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: U3uWeUX --> $false
(Sat/12:47:07 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: W5kosh --> $false
(Sat/12:47:10 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: O8kdBgR --> $true
(Sat/12:47:11 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: J9gPBIhWzRcClS --> $true
(Sat/12:47:11 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: O9oCAlDPL --> $true
(Sat/12:47:12 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: R8efFbWcESV --> $true
(Sat/12:47:13 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: V7uKmXgSGq --> $true
(Sat/12:47:13 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: N4Fahb --> $false
(Sat/12:47:14 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: K0ixn --> $false
(Sat/12:47:14 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: H4mRfPOKeaHG --> $true
(Sat/12:47:15 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: T4SYzbHmewJGSa --> $true
(Sat/12:47:16 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: Q8CXj --> $true
(Sat/12:47:16 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: U4vkyMNSG --> $true
(Sat/12:47:17 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: V8lleUsjI --> $true
(Sat/12:47:17 AM) <@Phoenix> Nick: L1sIrGm --> $true

It's not perfect but I was thinking of checking if the nickname is registered or not COMBINED with the random nickname.

Phoenix-   -  Feb 05, 2010

I would like this to be more public because I've been working on something like this for a long time and... I can get about 75% to 80% to be affected and be banned.
It's a little difficult because you need to define certain variables for consonants and vowels, special characters, and numbers, add it all up and decide by a certain number....
Basically, it's pretty stupid how it's made but it works a lot.
You talk to me about it, you can /server -j #nohack

Gemster   -  Feb 04, 2010

they connect in flood, but not in any channels as i have an auto defcon lvl 2 set when there are 10 connections in 10 seconds, so thats good.

its like 100 bots connect in 10 seconds and goes on to sometimes 2000 bots(ciscos)

Jethro_ we could take this to pm or open a forums for it so that Xpl0reR's snippit isent getting spammed with this lol


Jethro   -  Feb 03, 2010

Do they connect in a flooding or scrolling fashion? If so, you may be able to count the line allowed in order to kill them.

Gemster   -  Feb 03, 2010

its like
*** Notice -- Client connecting at sfjkgkoa (

They always use random nicks like dgytrisnds and a different 1 for there real name, ips are obvously different and hosts. this part does change but nicks and real names are always like drones.


Jethro   -  Feb 02, 2010

What does the server notice look like when they flood? If the so called drones have a certain pattern, you can apply regex to the snotice event and catch them that way.

Gemster   -  Feb 02, 2010

Xpl0reR can you remake this to work on snotices on connect to kill.

every now and again i get bots mainly ciscos connecting to my server with random nicks like hjgukoijds. They dont join any chans as they cant as i have protections to sed defcon to lvl 2 but then i have to mass kill.

So basically if this is made to check snotice on connect if ur ircop that would be grat.


p.s - sorry for the 2 year delay lmao

xplo   -  Feb 06, 2008

well just change the host for its easy :) the is an exemption like if a drone with a random nick and id join but its registered, you will not kick it just change the host for diff nets and you will be ok

Joshuaxiong1   -  Feb 02, 2008

What should I change to make it work on server

I don\'t get it. Is there anyway that\'ll work for all server?

xplo   -  Jan 15, 2008

lol why. ??? you find this funny that i share someone\'s idea.. ? especially when its an actual GOOD idea :)

Salman   -  Jan 13, 2008


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