Nicklist Gag Script

By Mr_E on Jan 09, 2008

It's basic I know...probably could be shorter but to be honest I don't care. It gets the job done and neatly...

Load it in remotes and save. All you have to do is highlight the name in the Nicklist, right click then under Gag you see the three different options.

-Gag will gag the selected nick until you or someone else removes it.
-Ungag will undo the Gag obviously.
-Timed gag will allow you to set a specific time for the gag and will automatically be removed and the channel messaged.

-=Each Gag option allows you to specify the reason for the gag=-
-=Updated colours=-


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Mr_E   -  Jan 10, 2008

Those are my signature colors. That\'s all...change em all you want. ~E

ALCAPONE   -  Jan 10, 2008

Great Script dude thank I needed a better muter ;) again great job only thing wrong is the color but that\'s easily changed

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