!attack (user v. user battle)

By jewsus on Jan 04, 2008

Wrote this month or two ago and never got around to posting it out of boredom(or editing it to be simpler out of laziness).

It's a very simple to use battle snippet that pits one user in a room against another one. Just set yourself as the bot's owner with the alias and say '!attacker on,' and anyone is free to attack anyone else aside from yourself and the bot.

Meant to run on ircd, with ChatSpace this will just act goofy half of the time.

Please post with comments/anything I blatantly screwed up.


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cptpan   -  Jan 12, 2012

how the fuck does this even work? I set battlemaster and no triggers work and nothing fucking happens

Tankgeneral   -  Jan 05, 2008

maybe set battlemaster as defender? cause you attack a person then the person who gets attacked needs to defend hisself

EL   -  Jan 04, 2008

Sup jewsus lol yeah i can\'t test this on my server cause of chatspace but looks fun.`-.-

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