Topic Changer / Viewer

By r34dm4n on Dec 31, 2007

just a simple topic changer and viewer dialog...remember the channel topic only holds so many characters so if you cant set the topic properly it is not the scripts fault is just the topic has a limit :D

dialog Topic_Changer {
  title "Evil-Klowns Topic Changer"
  size -1 -1 400 65
  option dbu
  edit $chan($active).topic, 1, 5 10 390 30, multi autovs
  button set, 2, 140 45 40 12, ok
  button cancel, 3, 185 45 40 12, cancel

on *:dialog:Topic_Changer:sclick:2:{
  if ($did(topic_changer,1)) {
    var %count 1
    var %topic
    while (%count <= $did(topic_changer,1).lines) {
      var %topic %topic $did(topic_changer,1, [ %count ])
      inc %count
    topic $chan($active) %topic
alias tpc { dialog -m Topic_Changer Topic_Changer }


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Jethro   -  Apr 03, 2010

What do you mean by that, Keon191?

Keon191   -  Apr 03, 2010

i use this in mirc....

ON *:TEXT:!topic:#:{
msg $chan !Topic – [text]

how would i get this to work with that command ^^
[new 2 mirc]

JoRdY   -  Mar 31, 2010

Why it not shows the colors?

Cheiron   -  Jan 01, 2008

dont forget there is also a topiclock function on alot of servers....
/cs set #room topiclock (on / off) you need to include that also or take it into consideration because the topic cannot be changes if lock is on.
otherwise quite a neat little code

Zaphod   -  Dec 31, 2007


iwz   -  Dec 31, 2007

You can do this with mirc built in feature no?

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