Channel Commander

By Zathras on Dec 29, 2007

Ok first time i've uploaded a script, basically this contains most of the commands for use with chanserv and nickserv, you can store your nick and password for use with ghost etc, add channels and select whether your channel uses XOP or access levels to add, once the method is selected it's just a case of selecting the channel from the dropdown box and clicking the level you want to add a nick at.

Rightclick in a channel or type /chancom to load.

To add a channel you need to include the # before the channel name


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Scakk   -  Dec 30, 2007

If you do not choose a nick for Voice , HOP, AOP, SOP and Founder then it will give you that op in all channels where you do not have but could get it based on your level of channel power.

Ex: I am channel owner. I click any of the power buttons mentioned above and it will give me the ops.

When testing it I clicked the one for SOP and AOP and as Owner in many channels it gave me +o and +a in every channel in which I was owner.

SLS10   -  Dec 29, 2007

I love the name... Channel COMMANDER. Heheheh.

Zathras   -  Dec 29, 2007

there are a few bugs in it, one being invite user which i am working on, any other bugs please let me know

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