By sunburst on Dec 25, 2007

Returns $true or $false depending on if a channel mode is set. See documentation below. Ability to use wildcards and to match multiple modes at a time. Very simplified code.


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dashh   -  Feb 21, 2009

-> $poscs($chan($1).mode,$2)

more chars ?

U can use $numtok 32 in $2($2-) to search a string like -> #room n t l
and pos target whit gettok.


done xD but nice work with regex.

Thorarin   -  Feb 20, 2009

The snippet works alright after fixing some of the whitespace that tends to mess up mIRC scripts.. there's just one thing: you should be using $wildtokcs instead of $wildtok. A channel flag "c" is different than "C" for example.

sunburst   -  Dec 25, 2007

Ah, I knew this would come up. That would work, but this is better because it supports wildcards. If the modes were +ist, $ischanmode(#,it) would not work. However, $ischanmode(#,i*t) would work. Just makes it easier to return matches.

Lindrian   -  Dec 25, 2007
alias ischanmode return $iif($2 isincs $chan($1).mode,$true,$false)

That\'d do I think.

sunburst   -  Dec 25, 2007

Yes I know it is simple, but, as stated in the documentation, I found it very useful and thought I\'d share it with others. Thanks for your rating though!

Rebellious   -  Dec 25, 2007

.. Very simple =(

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