Anti-Flood Script

By Rath on Dec 21, 2007

This script will ban then kick a user if he typed 6 lines in 4 seconds, of course you can edit this if you like. Here's how:

inc -u4 %spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] "inc -u4" represents how many seconds the person has to post the certain ammount of lines. You can change 4 to how many seconds you find most comfortable with.

if (%spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 6) { The 6 represents the number of lines a person can type in a certain ammount of seconds. Edit this to the way you think works best.

You can also edit the timer and kick message if you like, just dont mess with anything else :)

Paste this script into your remotes (alt + r)

on *:TEXT:*:#:{
  inc -u4 %spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ]
  if (%spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 6) {
    ban -ku300 $chan $nick Don't Spam! 5 Minute ban.
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MoonCrawlerVG   -  Nov 24, 2013

how do I change it so it doesnt kick ops?

choo-ooza  -  Nov 24, 2013

on:text::#:{ if ($nick isop $chan) { halt } add this line after on TEXT command.


Hitman  -  Nov 24, 2013

on @:TEXT::#:{ inc -u4 %spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] if (%spam. [ $+ [ $nick ] ] == 6) && ($nick isReg $Chan) {

ban -ku300 $chan $nick Don't Spam! 5 Minute ban.

} }

MoonCrawlerVG  -  Nov 25, 2013

Okay thanks those worked great. just out of curiosity too what do I have to write so it does kick users with voice?

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Amiga600   -  Nov 21, 2011

This is fantastic, works like a dream, and stops flood very quick.

xDaeMoN   -  Feb 08, 2010

then change the /ban command to /ignore. Type '/help /ignore' for it's switches to suit your needs.

bugboy1028   -  Feb 08, 2010

if i just want to put bot on ignore, what should i do?

Ghost-writer   -  Aug 26, 2009

I like it. But ban address($nick,3) instead. i change my nick im back to flooding lol :P. But good job!

Rath   -  Dec 22, 2007

Okay, fixed and changed the name :)

TropNul   -  Dec 22, 2007

It\'s an anti-flood rather than an anti-spam source imho. ;)

mountaindew   -  Dec 22, 2007
ban -ku300 $chan $nick Don\'t Spam! 5 Minute ban.
Pepsi_Man0077   -  Dec 22, 2007

Nice script, i used it myself, and with a little editing it worked just the way i wanted. Nice job!

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