By Rebellious on Dec 20, 2007

Snippet that reads from an ini based on wildcards. Also returns a list of matched items alternatively.

; ------------------------------------------------------
; $readiniwm()
; Returns the Nth item wildmatch you receive from an ini topic.

; $readiniwm(<file>,<topic>,<params>,[N])
; Since $readiniwm uses iswm to check the params, you can use a wildcard (e.g *d* would return all matches equal to *d*)

; [N] is optional:
; Returns the Nth wm in the generated list. 
; If there isn't a Nth wildmatch, it will just return the list of  all wildmatches.

; Alternatively, you can just use $readiniwm(<file>,<topic>,<params>) to return all matching items. 

; Here is an example: 
; $readinwm($mircini,dirs,*d*): 
; Returned logdir midis

; Here is how the ini file looked: 

; [dirs]
; logdir=logs
; waves=sounds
; midis=sounds
; mp3s=sounds
; wmas=sounds
; oggs=sounds
; ^ So it obviously matched the d in logdir and the d in midis

; Now if we used:
; $readiniwm($mircini,dirs,*d*,1): 
; it would return logs 
; because it returned the first wildmatch (logdir) and read the ini item from there.
; ------------------------------------------------------

alias readiniwm { 
  if ($3) {
    if (($isfile($1)) && ($ini($1,$2))) { 
      var %x = 1, %n = storeini.temphash
      if ($hget(%n)) hfree %n
      while ($ini($1,$2,%x)) {
        if ($3 iswm $v1) hadd -m %n $ini($1,$2,%x)
        inc %x
      if ($hget(%n,1).item) { 
        return $iif($4 && $hget(%n,$4).item, $&
          $readini($1,$2,$hget(%n,$4).item), $& 
      return $false
    else $err($!readiniwm: invalid parameters)
  else $err($!readiniwm: insufficient parameters)

alias -l err { 
  if (!$1-) return $false
  echo $+(-,ac,$iif($prop,t)) info $1-


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Rebellious   -  Dec 21, 2007


Now made the data stored in a temporary hash table so that the variable doesn\'t receive an error if the list gets lengthy.

Rebellious   -  Dec 20, 2007

Why thank you mountaindew. :P

guest598594   -  Dec 20, 2007

i like this, it was a good idea :)

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