$varwm() & /varwm

By Rebellious on Dec 18, 2007

Simple snippet to return all matched variables from your parameters. Can match different types of variables because of iswm. (e.g $varwm(eg) would return all variables matching eg.

$varwm() or /varwm

; --------------------------------------------------
; $varwm & /varwm
; Returns all matched variables based on your parameters.

; Due to using iswm, you can use wildcards. (e.g *ex*par would match all variables equivalent to the *ex*par)

; /varwm <string> simply echoes the matched variables
; $varwm(<string>) returns the matched variables

; Just saw some of those variable explorer snippets and decided to make an alternative.

; Important note: using % @ the beginning of a variable will either return No match or insufficient parameters. So please don't use %. In some cases, $ won't work either. (e.g when using //echo -a)

; --------------------------------------------------

alias varwm { 
  if ($1) { 
    var %x = 1, %n, %t = $iif($1 !iswm %* && $left($1,1) != $chr(47),$+(%,$1),$1)
    while ($var(%*,%x)) { 
      if (%t iswm $v1) %n = %n $var(%*,%x) 
      inc %x
    $iif($isid,return,echo -a) $iif(%n,%n,No match)
  else $err($+($iif($isid,$,/),varwm:) insufficient parameters)

alias -l err { 
  echo $+(-ac,$iif($prop,t)) info * $1-


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Rebellious   -  Dec 20, 2007

Tyvm, appreciate the feedback.

MoNoXiDe   -  Dec 20, 2007

I like it, does what it\'s supposed to do well. The code is clean too, good job.

I personally wouldn\'t use a variable explorer, but for those who do, this is nice.

Rebellious   -  Dec 18, 2007

I\'d really appreciate an explanation for such a low score please. Not developing a grudge or anything. Just like to know whats wrong or \'Not useful\' about this snippet so I can make updates.


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