Topic Changer

By |Chris| on Dec 10, 2007

Simple topic changer with some added things.
Paste into New remotes.

menu channel {
  Topic Changer
  ..Change Time: { topic $chan $time(hh:nn tt) }
  ..Change Preset Msg: { topic $chan $me was here $time(hh:nn tt) }
  ..Change to: { topic $chan $$?="New Topic" }


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r34dm4n   -  Dec 31, 2007

even better heres mine ;D

|Chris|   -  Dec 11, 2007

Oh ok, i see what you mean.
And thanks ZiX..

ZiX   -  Dec 10, 2007

ROFL, Nice Job Chris :D

guest598594   -  Dec 10, 2007

because this script is meant for a channel, if you right clicked the status window and tried to change the topic, $chan would be $null, thus returning an error :)

Lazy   -  Dec 10, 2007

Because (if I remember right) menu * will add that list to every menu option in mIRC and there are a few places where it won\'t do you any good. Will probably generate an error message if you tried to use it. (query menu for one)

|Chris|   -  Dec 10, 2007

Why? menu * { does the same thing

guest598594   -  Dec 10, 2007

make it \"menu channel {\"

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