Slap revenge v2

By Hayate on Nov 29, 2007

Nothing you'd expect from a regular slap revenge. Option to add protected users from the script, remove prot. users, kick flooders (with a customizable kick msg), and enable or disable the script with ease. All available through a channel or status popup.


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Hayate   -  Dec 07, 2007

Thank you SLS10 for your comment.

SLS10   -  Dec 02, 2007

The script is very nice and handy for slap fights.

Hayate   -  Nov 29, 2007

thanks humming_hi. Korvin, made it for a friend -> bored, decided to take it a step further and figured it would be of use to some people -> released it. I thought it was a step up for the 5-10 line pieces of codes on here that do the same thing.

humming_hi   -  Nov 29, 2007

Korvin, To make you ask questions? =P -- looks good Hayate

Korvin   -  Nov 29, 2007

whats the real point?

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