Email v.0.1

By Hydroxide on Nov 28, 2007

My first 'useful script'.

Basically, you can /msg whoever is hosting it with the stated formula, and when the user that was 'emailed' comes online, they will be able to see the message you sent them, even if you are offline.

Note: This is only the first draught of the script, and there are a few things I need to fix for the second. (Mostly that you can see a message just by going onto a nick, not having to actually identify).

Big thanks to Deku_Link.

;Made by Deku_Link and Hydroxide.
;Contact Info: | #Pokedex
;Formula: /msg [SCRIPT HOSTER] !givemsg [NICK] [MESSAGE]

on *:TEXT:!help givemsg:#: { 
  .notice $nick To send a message to someone, and then let them view it when they get online next, type /msg Toothache !givemsg [nick] [message]. 
  .notice $nick Note: The actual formula does not need the brackets.
  .notice $nick Note: The script only works for users registered with nickserv.

; This will set a true variable if NickServ replies giving you that the nick is registered.

on *:NOTICE:*Time registered*:*:{
  if ($nick == NickServ) {
    /set %regnick true

;This will ask NickServ if the nick in question has been registered. Timer delay (2 s) to give NickServ.
;Some time to reply.

on *:TEXT:!givemsg*:?:  {
  /msg nickserv info $2
  timer 1 2 response $nick $2 $3-

;This will save your message for people in messages.ini

on *:JOIN:#: { 
  if ($readini(messages.ini,memory,$nick)) { 
    .notice $nick $readini(messages.ini,memory,$nick ) 
    .remini messages.ini memory $nick 

;Alias called by timer earlier, determines if msg will be saved or not.

alias response {
  if (%regnick == true) {
    .writeini messages.ini memory $2 $1 sent you a message at: $time $+ , $date $+ . Message: $3-
    .notice $1 Message stored.
  else {
    .notice $1 That nick is not registered.
  /unset %regnick


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DaNzO   -  Nov 30, 2007

Nice script. Clean, However

on *:TEXT:!help givemsg:#: {
.notice $nick To send a message to someone, and then let them view it when they get online next, type /msg Toothache !givemsg [nick] [message].

Someone\'s bot might not be called Toothache :)

Hydroxide   -  Nov 30, 2007

Yeah, mine doesn\'t.

Hayate   -  Nov 29, 2007

Some servers don\'t support memoserv. ;)

Korvin   -  Nov 29, 2007

this was a kindof useless script.. there is a memoserv if you didnt know, try it /memoserve send PERSON MSG

Olliegod   -  Nov 29, 2007

I believe when you whois someone there is a line which tells you if the person has identified. So you could whois them and if you find the line, they\'re identified.

Hydroxide   -  Nov 28, 2007

Yeah, that\'s what i\'m trying to do at the moment, but I kinda don\'t know how. Will someone help me on this?

jewsus   -  Nov 28, 2007

It looks mostly clean to me, but my eyes aren\'t al that trained.

Having to identify would actually be a plus though, wouldn\'t it?
Don\'t want random people logging onto your name and looking through your messages without having to prove that it\'s you.

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