Fun Topics

By Shiny_Umbreon on Nov 25, 2007

These Are A Couple Of Topic Scripts I Made And Of Course I Will Add More As I Make Them.



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rayrayray   -  Jun 19, 2010

i found a script for my channel where i add any user to my bot, even a guest, and they could do any commands thay wanted and they could op them selfs, i found it on here, but when my comp was whiped i lost it and cant find it again, can some one help me and email it to me or somthing or send me a link to it

Zsadist   -  Nov 26, 2007

First off. Why menu nicklist,query? When you are changing the topic in a CHAN. So why not make chan { instead so it makes more sense. =/

Olliegod   -  Nov 26, 2007

If you want multiple words in the input box you can do something like $$?=\"The topic you want\"

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