By juuruichki on Nov 24, 2007

This is the first part of my WTF collection.....if its messed up in any way its probably cause i made them all in a 1 hour interval.
Enjoy! :)

|---juuruichki's "WTF" Collection.----------|
|Meet 'em at IRC.The-Onslaught.Org|

menu nicklist,query,notice {
  ..1. Rainbow:say  4,13W7,6h8,3a12,4t 3,8D 6,7F13,4u4,13c7,8k  
  ..2. Red and Black:say  4,1W1,4h4,1a1,4t 4,1D 1,4F4,1u1,4c4,1k
  ..3. Yellow and Blue:say 8,12W12,8h8,12a12,8t 8,12D 12,8F8,12u12,8c8,12k    
  ..4. Orange and Blue w/ red background:say 7,4W12,4h7,4a12,4t 7,4D 12,4F7,4u12,4c7,4k    
  ..5. LightGreen and LightBlue:say  9,11W11,9h9,11a11,9t 9,11D 11,9F9,11u11,9c9,11k     
  ..6. Rainbow2:say  7W4h13a6t 3D 12F8u7c4k 
  ..7. LightGreen and Black:say  9,1W1,9h9,1a1,9t 9,1D 1,9F9,1u1,9c9,1k 
  ..8. Pink and Blue:say  13,12W12,13h13,12a12,13t 13,12D 12,13F13,12u12,13c13,12k 
  ..9. Pink and Purple:say  13,6W6,13h13,6a6,13t 13,6D 6,13F13,6u6,13c13,6k 
  ..10. Black and Orange:say  7,1W1,7h7,1a1,7t 7,1D 1,7F7,1u1,7c7,1k 
  ..11. LightBlue and Black:say  11,1W1,11h11,1a1,11t 11,1D 1,11F11,1u1,11c11,1k 
  ..12. LightGray and DarkGray:say  14,15W15,14h14,15a15,14t 14,15D 15,14F14,15u15,14c14,15k 
  ..13. Brown and DarkBlue:say  5,2W2,5h5,2a2,5t 5,2D 2,5F5,2u2,5c5,2k 
  ..14. Purpleand Orange:say  7,6W6,7h7,6a6,7t 7,6D 6,7F7,6u6,7c7,6k 
  ..15. Pink and White:say  13,0W0,13h13,0a0,13t 13,0D 0,13F13,0u0,13c13,0k 
  ..16. Black and White:say  1,0W0,1h1,0a0,1t 1,0D 0,1F1,0u0,1c1,0k 
  ..17. Yellow and Orange:say  8,7W7,8h8,7a7,8t 8,7D 7,8F8,7u7,8c8,7k 
  ..18. ??? and LightGray:say  10,15W15,10h10,15a15,10t 10,15D 15,10F10,15u15,10c10,15k 
  ..19. DarkGray and ???:say  10,14W14,10h10,14a14,10t 10,14D 14,10F10,14u14,10c10,14k 
  ..20. RedWhiteBlue and Black:say  12,4W0,1h4,12a12,4t 0,1D 4,12F12,4u0,1c4,12k 
  ..21. Yellow and Purple:say  8,6W6,8h8,6a6,8t 8,6D 6,8F8,6u6,8c8,6k 
  ..22. Yellow and LightGreen:say  8,9W9,8h8,9a9,8t 8,9D 9,8F8,9u9,8c8,9k 
  ..23. Red and Brown:say  4,5W5,4h4,5a5,4t 4,5D 5,4F4,5u5,4c4,5k
  ..24. DarkBlue and DarkGreen:say  2,3W3,2h2,3a3,2t 2,3D 3,2F2,3u3,2c2,3k 
  ..25. Blue and LightBlue:say  12,11W11,12h12,11a11,12t 12,11D 11,12F12,11u11,12c12,11k 
  ..26. Mixed:say  2,3W3,4h4,5a5,6t 6,7D 7,8F8,9u9,10c10,11k  
  ..27. Mixed2:say  10,11W11,12h12,13a13,14t 14,15D 15,0F1,2u2,3c3,4k 
  ..28. Mixed3:say 6,8W2,4h12,14a8,10t 4,6D 14,2F10,12u6,8c2,4k
  ..29. White and Gray:say  0,15W15,0h0,15a15,0t 0,15D 15,0F0,15u15,0c0,15k  
  ..30. Pink and LightBlue:say  13,11W11,13h13,11a11,13t 13,11D 11,13F13,11u11,13c13,11k 
  ..31. Green and LightGreen:say  3,9W9,3h3,9a9,3t 3,9D 9,3F3,9u9,3c3,9k


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SLS10   -  Nov 25, 2007

Okay, I miscommented. THIS one I had nothing to do with. Stupid me.

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