Channel Limiter

By Cheiron on Nov 19, 2007

This is my second script submission for Hawkee members.

a very harsh channel limiter where you have predefined the amount of channels a user can be in whilst in your channel also. at the moment this is set to 6 channels. which means they can be in 6rooms at the same time. if they join with anymore than that.. bye bye :D

kicks and bans.

Obviously... change #channel to your channel
and the > 6 to number of rooms you wish the trigger to take effect from.
Then edit the "Room limit is ..... number

i have had a small issue in it working in other channels other than the one i have set it too.. but hopefully someone out there can do a debug for me.that is the only issue though. otherwise it is ok.

comments please?

cheers, Cheiron

on @*:join:#channel:{ whois $nick }
raw 319:*:{
  set %nochannels $3-
  if ($numtok(%nochannels,32) > 6) {
    var %i = $chan(0)
    while (%i) {
      if ($2 ison $chan(%i)) {
        kick $chan(%i) $2 Room limit is 6 as defined in the channel rules
        ban $chan(%i) $2 3
      dec %i
    unset %nochannels


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BunTai   -  Nov 21, 2007

good remote...
but dont u think that we make channel for user join...
if me..
i dont wanna limit my channel..
but nice scripting..
i\'ve dont ever seen it b4..

napa182   -  Nov 20, 2007

SLS10 you can try /server 6667 it\'s a new server

Cheiron   -  Nov 20, 2007

as for networks.. there are far too many to choose from unfortunately. i run on a private server with 490 channels and 2000 users on average

SLS10   -  Nov 20, 2007

Should work well in theory. But alas, there\'s no channels I find suitable...

Anyone know of a network that\'s not too big, yet not too small?

Cheiron   -  Nov 19, 2007

this was always gonna be the issue lol... this is a tad complex to what i am usually writing. thought i would try and be smart. heh! the coding worked. ops are auto protected by my bot anyway hence why i think i forgot to include ops in the loop. also my ops use a set mode to escape the script knowing where they are... i wont post the mode for obvious reasons lol..

ty for the /var suggestion as a replacement for the /set /unset also.

much appreciated

brinxy   -  Nov 19, 2007

Yes, not bad. But you should check if you are an op in the while loop just to make sure you don\'t receive errors.

guest598594   -  Nov 19, 2007

good job, but a couple suggestions:

1) u should use /var rather than /set and /unset :)
2) try /ban -k (ban and kick together)

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