kick/ban Raids Protection

By ZoMBie on Nov 15, 2007

This is a remote that allows you to be protected from kick/bans on a channel, it as you can see have a unban system, and an autojoin system, enjoy you can change it at you want, add things or not, enjoy.

menu channel {
Raids Ban Protection
.Advertise:/msg $active $me is protected by 4,0 Z-Script--Protection--System. Created by: Z@
.Full:/enable #Speed | /enable #Ban2 | /ame 4,0 Z-Script--Protection--System Stand Back.
.Speed Ban On:/enable #Speed | /ame 4,0 --Z- --Script--1 By: Raid Speed Enabled. Stand Back.
.Speed Ban Off:/disable #Speed
.Ban Protection on:/enable #Ban2 | /ame 4,0 --Z- --Script--1 By: Raid Ban Protection Enabled. Stand Back.
.Ban Protection off:/disable #Ban2

Speed on

on @*:BAN:#: {
If ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) {
kick # $nick -- Z-- -- Script --
ban $chan $nick 5
.timer 1 1 cs unban $chan
.timer 1 1 cs invite $chan
.timer 1 1 join $chan
.timer 1 1 cs ban # $nick

Speed end

Ban2 on

on *:KICK:#:{
if ($knick == $me) {
cs unban $chan
cs invite $chan
cs akick $chan del $me
.timer 1 1 join $chan
.timer 1 1 mode # +b $nick
.timer 1 1 os kick # $nick 4,0 -- Z-- -- Script--
.timer 1 4 cs unban $chan
.timer 1 4 cs invite $chan
.timer 1 4 join $chan
.timer 1 4 cs ban # $nick

Ban2 end


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guest598594   -  Nov 16, 2007

shouldnt u use /ame for advertise? :P

ZoMBie   -  Nov 16, 2007

Yeah, in the start this snippet, has a /cs acces (Chanserv) i modify it, for my own like, you are free to modify it at your own risk, and i don\'t think my channel/irc/server need more protection, i mean all the protection in the world is never enough, but i think my security is tied! so dont worry, it is tested, just chage /os kick for /cs kick....

Get_A_Fix   -  Nov 15, 2007

This would mean the user needed access to operserv. Either a typo, or something you overlooked. My philosophy is; if you require protection like this in a channel, then that channel needs serious readjusting. The owner/founder should be responsible.

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