ban protection

By syk1k on Jul 31, 2004

add it into remotes working ban protection [may not allways work depends on alot of things]

on ^*:ban:#:{ if ($banmask iswm $address($me,5)) && ($me isop $chan) { if ($nick == $me) { mode # -b $banmask | .return } | raw -q mode $chan +bb-bqoah $nick $address($nick,3) $banmask $nick $nick $nick $nick $cr kick $chan $nick (ban protection) | .return } }


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Lindrian   -  Dec 08, 2006

I didn\'t like this one that mouch.
theres alot of modes, that acually doesnt make sense. I mean, a OP can kick a OP, Only except is that a Admin can not Deadmin another admin nor kick them.

Thats it, so its pretty mouch usless.

astro   -  Sep 07, 2004


Hawkee   -  Sep 05, 2004

astro, please be more constructive, no name calling.

astro   -  Sep 05, 2004

nobody, you\'re a dickhead ^ means halt the default event for the event name, read up on events in mirc.hlp and you will see

syk1k   -  Aug 07, 2004

load it and you will see if works just fine

nobody   -  Aug 02, 2004

Should it be on \' on :ban:#: \' instead of \' on ^:ban:#: \'?

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