By brinxy on Nov 13, 2007

Simple identifier to return all matched tokens in a string separated by a common character.

;;---- $matchedtok : brinxy ----;;
;; About ;;
;; $matchedtok compiles a list of tokens based on matches in a string. ;;
;; You can manipulate this list by using properties to be used like $1 or $2 or $gettok(<string>,N,C) ;;
;; -----------------------------------;;
;; Snippet syntax ;;
;; ------------------------------;;
;; $matchedtok(string,searched token,C)[.prop] ;;
;; To break it down ;;
;;  - string: The string to search for the token..
;;  - searched token: input to be searched in the string 
;;  - C: Common separator 
;;  - [.prop] Similar to $1 and $2 just for the separated tokens. *must be a number*
;; -------------------------------;;
;; Examples: ;;
;;      $matchedtok(this is a string of text,s,32) - returns: "this is string" because those all are tokens with 's' in them. 
;;      $matchedtok(this is a string of text,s,32).1 would return "this" because that is the first match. 
;; Counter Examples ;;
;;      $matchedtok(this is a string of text,s,32).234 returns $false because there is no 234th token. Remember that the property MUST be the Nth token IN the text. 
;;      $matchedtok(this is a string of text,s,32).a returns $false because the property is not a number.
;;      $matchedtok(this is a string of test,s,32).3- returns $false because there are no tokens beyond the third.
;; ------------------------------------;;

alias matchedtok { 
  if ($$1 && $2-3 && $isid) { 
    var %t = $$1, %o  
    while ($findtok(%t,$wildtok(%t,$+(*,$2,*),1,$3),$3)) { 
      %o = $addtok(%o, $gettok(%t,$ifmatch,$3),$3) 
      %t = $deltok(%t,$ifmatch,$3)
    return $iif($prop,$iif($regex($prop,/^([0-9]+)|[-]/gi) && $prop !> $numtok(%o,$3),$gettok(%o,$prop,$3),$false),$iif(%o,%o,$false))


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brinxy   -  Nov 14, 2007

Most certainly. But I won\'t change the way I make my comments, used to it by now. And I prefer that way.

guest598594   -  Nov 14, 2007

u can do this for lines and lines of comments in a script



brinxy   -  Nov 14, 2007

Oh I see.

xDaeMoN   -  Nov 14, 2007

Yeah, I noticed those features which is why I said not bad. ;)

brinxy   -  Nov 13, 2007

Thanks xDaeMoN. But I do believe that mIRC\'s built-in $matchtok will only return one token. Meaning if I used: $matchtok(this is a string,s,1-,32) would only return this. (That\'s what I got when I tested it.) On the contrary, my snippet uses $gettok when retrieving data so you can use things such as 1-. I guess this is just an enhancement to $matchtok.

xDaeMoN   -  Nov 13, 2007

Not bad. But I would stick with the built-in $matchtok. :)

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