The slap kicker

By kortho on Nov 13, 2007

Well im not the best scripter but i thought i might share one of my favourites

my bot's name is Aussiebot
it works by someone slapping it

@Kortho slaps Aussiebot around a bit with a large trout
<@Aussiebot> OH NO YOU DIDNT!!!

  • Kortho was kicked by Aussiebot (Bahaha take that asshole!)

i don't mind if other people use it so go for it if you like it


on *:ACTION:slaps Aussiebot*:# { 
  msg $chan OH NO YOU DIDNT!!! 
  kick $chan $nick 4Bahaha take that asshole!3 


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fahadbalboa   -  Mar 01, 2009

Didnt work :(

kortho   -  Nov 15, 2007

mine is shorter and works just fine..

jewsus   -  Nov 14, 2007

on :action::#: {
if ($nick == %you) {
halt }
if ((slap isin $1-) && ($me isin $1-)) {
if (trout isin $1-) {
describe $chan snatches the trout from $nick $+ \'s hands and slaps them around thricely with it.
kick $chan $nick You have been slapped, haha @ you.
halt }
describe $chan tears $nick $+ \'s hand off and beats them savagely with it.
kick $chan $nick I\'d try to be witty, but you only have one hand!
} }

kortho   -  Nov 13, 2007

oh my bad..i left inc there because i edited from slap back
and this script gets used alot with my friends

guest598594   -  Nov 13, 2007

pointless script, i dont imagine anyone would type /me slaps aussiebot, and ur inc\'ing for no apparent reason

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