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By jewsus on Nov 04, 2007

A couple of twists on napa's trout protection.

Both of them have their own counters, and echo their own unique messages, and both of them will read and announce the number of times someone has triggered it by server.

Don't forget to change '%nickhere' to yours or your bot's nickname.

I haven't had a chance to test them with changed write variables yet, so feedback is always welcomes. =p

on *:text:*bye*:#: {
  set %goodbye $calc( $readini( goodbye.ini, $address($nick,2), Bye ) +1 ) | writeini goodbye.ini $address($nick,2) Bye %goodbye | unset %goodbye
  msg $chan Hasta la vista, $nick $+ .
  .timer 1 2 msg $chan 6This is the3 $ord($readini(goodbye.ini, $address($nick,2), Bye)) 6 time that 3 $nick 6 has announced a departure on $server $+ .

on *:text:Let's have sex, %nickhere*:#: {
  set %hump $calc( $readini( sex.ini, $address($nick,2), Sex ) +1 ) | writeini sex.ini $address($nick,2) Sex %hump | unset %hump
  msg $chan Yes please, $nick $+ .
  .timer 1 2 describe $chan humps $nick furiously!
  .timer 1 4 msg $chan 6This is the3 $ord($readini(sex.ini, $address($nick,2), Sex)) 6 time that 3 $nick 6 has been humped on $server $+ .


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jewsus   -  Nov 04, 2007

Fixed. Thanks for that. =x

TropNul   -  Nov 04, 2007

I hate \"|\" when I see how they\'ve been used here. :(
They can cause many stupid errors while there\'s simpler and clearer ways to do :).

So first issue, in the \'unset\' command, you wrote: \"unset goodbye\". Must be \"unset %goodbye\".

Second issue, for the sex thing, you refer to the file sex.ini to count and append but later refer to some ryanon.ini file to msg the number of times for the same thing ... That will definitely not work.

Not using pipes \"|\" would probably have avoided those errors ;).


jewsus   -  Nov 04, 2007

I\'m pretty sure it writes it down by server when it writes to the ini. It\'s been posting back by server for me so far. o_o

G13AoUsTiS   -  Nov 04, 2007

good job :) but \"has been humped on $server $+ .\" this is not correct it counts the says for all the servers not only one serv:S

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