Simple converting badwords to "censored"

By David_James on Jul 30, 2004

It's a very simple script to convert badwords such as: fuck, shit asshole... to "consored". I cannot list all of the badwords so, please add it by yourself. It works only in PM.

on 1:text:?: {
  if ( fuck isin $1- ) { msg $me <censored> }
  elseif ( shit isin $1- ) { msg $me <censored> }
  elseif ( asshole isin $1- ) { msg $me <censored> }
  elseif ( pussy isin $1- ) { msg $me <censored> }


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[HANZam]   -  Jul 15, 2009

script is a failure.. nice idea for a user who is a female...

Sick_Puppy   -  Oct 04, 2007

This guy makes ME look like a scripting GOD!


TehMize   -  Jul 30, 2004

There\'s a mode on most networks that you can set for yourself so you won\'t see any swears at all. There is also a chan mode that does the same.

Zach   -  Jul 30, 2004

wow. Learn how to script correctly. This won\'t work at all... TEST YOUR SCRIPTS

SL   -  Jul 30, 2004

right...and did it REALLY work for you?

Cypher87   -  Jul 30, 2004

That wont work huh? Use on 1:TEXT:*:?: { and why would you message yourself with the text censored? :s

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