Random Stuff

By Shiny_Umbreon on Nov 03, 2007

This Is Some Funny And RANDOM stuff i made XCause i was bored well have fun!

|~~~~~                     ~~~~~~~~~~| 
|~~~~ Shiny_Umbreon's POP-UPS! ~~~~~~| 
|~~~~                       ~~~~~~~~~| 
|~~~~ MEET ME AT LUCIDCHAT! ~~~~~~~~~| 
|~~~~                        ~~~~~~~~| 
|~~ /server irc.lucidchat.net ~~~~~~~| 
|~~                          ~~~~~~~~| 
menu nicklist,query { 
  Shiny_Umbreon's Pop-ups 
  .Random sTuff
  ..TheFreakinUnimagineable: say 6 $1 4,1We Need To infentrate The Enemy Leaders Storage Facillyity | say 12,1But Why What Do They Have That We Must Get That Is So Important | Say 6 $1 4,1It Is A Weapon So DeadLy That if It Were in the wrong hands, unimagenable things Would Happen | me 12,1Imagines It | say 6 $1 4,1We Must Go Get It Befor It Falls Into The Enemys Hands | say 12,1But Isnt It Already In The Enemys Hands | Say 6 $1 4,1Omg The Most Unimagineable things are going to happen | say 12,1They Already Are | Me 12,1Cant SeeM To Find The Toilet Paper????
  ..Evilmonkeys: say 12,1Were's My Pie $1 | say 12,1I Told You To Get My Pie And Somebody Gets Hurt | say 12,1So Were The He|| is it | say 6 $1 4,1Here Is Your Pie Ser | say 6 $1 4,1O Shit We Are Under Attack | Say 12,1But I Havent Finiched My Pie Yet | say 6 $1 4,1OMG They Are Monkeys | Say 12,1No They Arent | say 6 $1 4,1Yes They Are | say 12,1Give Me A Taco | say 6 $1 4,1Yes Ser!!


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Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 05, 2007

sora your probly unbanned

i got banned once and all i did was turn off my coputer then i was unbanned

Noa Destiny   -  Nov 05, 2007

Why..? Sora-

Sora-   -  Nov 03, 2007

hi mi nam is sroa0- I got banned from LucidChat ;P

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 03, 2007

hey ZZZ i add another one

Noa Destiny   -  Nov 03, 2007

hey its me ZZZ Well kinda funny actually. Nice work keep it up ^^

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 03, 2007

i will make more random stuff as i get bored if you are waiting for the other stuff go to my other snippets cause they are alot of fun

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