Shiny_Umbreons Pop-Ups

By Shiny_Umbreon on Oct 30, 2007

Here are a Few Really Cool Pop-Ups/Pictures for Chatservers I Made.
just copy and paste them in your remotes then right click.

                        Have Fun!!!


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EL   -  Mar 28, 2008


Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 08, 2007

ok i will try that in awile because i wont have the time over the weekend or tomarrow or monday so ty

Korvin   -  Nov 07, 2007

instead of $1, use this, since the first letters of the other words are red:

$replace($1,$mid($1,1,1),4 $+ $mid($1,1,1) $+ 12)
Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 05, 2007


Sora-   -  Nov 03, 2007

omlord Hi ;x x; ;x x; ;x x; ;x ;/

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 03, 2007

hey groundon

Groundon   -  Nov 02, 2007

Hi .-.

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 02, 2007

I UpGraded it more so there is another REALLY COOL one up there

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 01, 2007

o i see so well yah hi anyways

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Nov 01, 2007

ok so what does that have to do with this

DarkFlaze   -  Oct 31, 2007

Pfft LucidChat, Get\'s boring, Especially Roxas.

Shiny_Umbreon   -  Oct 30, 2007

So How Do You Guys Like Those One\'s

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