Smiley Central

By Mono on Oct 26, 2007

Well i was bored.. again... Its kinda lame but atleast i made something right click anywhere in the channel (if using mIRC) then click on Smiley Central.

menu nicklist,channel,query {
  Smiley Central:{
    say 9,1you love smileys well here are some smileys!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    say 8,1 :) :P :D :] :I  =) =D =P =] =I 
    say 7,1And then some non Smileys.
    say 0,1 :| :\ :/ :( :[ 
    say 0,1And then some Uh-ohs
    say 7,1:O O: :o o: :X X: 
    say 0,1And then Some Look Good love smileys
    say 9,1 ;P ;) ;D ;] ;O ;x


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Mono   -  Oct 28, 2007


DaNzO   -  Oct 27, 2007

whats the point of this scriot

guest598594   -  Oct 26, 2007

missin brackets

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