Guitar Hero

By i60106 on Oct 18, 2007

It's a script for bots,most people I asked found it fun to play. To start, turn it on first with "!guitarhero on", wait for two people to say !song, and then !ready. It will begin, and instructions on how exactly to play apear at the begining of each game.


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Mirccoder   -  Oct 06, 2008

Nice i liked it could use some more stuff into it like a mess meter a x2 x3 x4 star power x2 x4 x6 x8 a difficulty level a rand thing maby if there i way to make it have sound that be cool i dont think there is but i only script for a year or two butagain nice very nice.

[-DDC-]Darkness   -  Oct 21, 2007

Dude, this thing didnt work for me....>.<. Can you hit me up over IRC next time I see ya around? (I\'m [-DDC-]Darkness, sometimes Im not wearing a tag, so, yeah.) Thanks, bro. Peace out.

Genxyuri   -  Oct 20, 2007

It was the Werst Thing EVER. Sorry but i tryied it and i got ZLined Banned from a service... Too many disconections.

zad0909   -  Oct 19, 2007

I also suggest you maybe add a mess up meter like what the game has. And it will ping you after each time or after each chord saying what level you are at.

dmdifiore   -  Oct 19, 2007

I really liked this game. It could be even better adding difficulty levels to it as well, just like the real game, by making the notes to read longer, show 2-3+ at a time and/or adding \"fake\" color strings.

/ is not needed before every command.
/unset is the same as unset.

Also, you could group all your saved .ini info into one ini with different sections. This way all the info is in one place, not spread out between a wins.ini/losses.ini/etc..

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