Operserv Bot

By Tippy on Oct 17, 2007

This is just a simple Operserv command bot to enable it just connect to a server this is my first snippet on here so please don't laugh thanks ;)

No Setup Required.


1.Use commands in PM, Channel And Notices (Instead of just Channel)
2.Kline and Kill work.

Operserv Bot - By ░Tippy░
░Do Not Rip░

on *:TEXT:*:*: {

  if ($1- == !Commands) { msg $nick My commands are...!Oper,!Admin,!Operserv,!Kill,!Kick,!Kline,!Help !Command. }
 elseif ($1- == !Help Oper) { msg $nick !Oper will set you as oper but you will have to be a admin. }
 elseif ($1- == !Help Admin) { msg $nick !Admin will set you as Administrator but you will need to be a Admin. }
 elseif ($1- == !Help Operserv) { msg $nick !Operserv will tell you all about me. }
 elseif ($1- == !Help Kill) { msg $chan !Kill will make me Kill Anyone you want as long as your Staff on Chat. } 
 elseif ($1- == !Help Kline) { msg $chan !Kline will Kline you. }
on *:Join:#: {

  if ($me isop $chan) { msg $chan I am a Operserv bot named $me say !Commands for my commands. }
on *:TEXT:*:#: {

  if ($1 == !Oper) && ($nick isadmin $server) && ($me isadmin $server)  /set $nick +oper 
  elseif ($1 == !Admin) && ($me isadmin $server) && ($nick Isadmin $server) /set $nick +admin
  elseif ($1 == !Operserv) /msg $nick 4,1 I am $me and I am using $version of mIRC.

on *:text:*:#:{
  if ($me isadmin $server && $nick isadmin $server) {
    if ($1 == !kline*) { kline $2- You are klined because $nick told me to kline you }
    if ($1 == !kill*) { Kill $2- You are killed because $nick told me to kill you  }


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Tippy   -  Jan 17, 2009

Fixed :)

Tippy   -  Jan 17, 2009

I will look at the coding further now that I have alot more knowledge, thanks.

ZiX   -  Dec 06, 2007

Well done Tippy but the code could be shorter.

[-DDC-]Darkness   -  Oct 21, 2007

Dude, when I hit !Commands, my server window said what it was supposed to. But when I hit !Kline it didnt do anything. And when I did !KLine (NickName) it didnt do anything, either...What\'s goin on, man?

Tippy   -  Oct 20, 2007

Okay cantseeme your complaint has been taken care of :) If you find anymore bugs please notify me I like to be positive it works :)



cantseeme   -  Oct 19, 2007

I really dont see how this is helpful at all...

Seriously, why would I want to kline or kill myself, and besides if you are running that bot and kline urself it will kline both clients. rite?

Tippy   -  Oct 19, 2007

It is now offically updated so please take a look and try it out :)

Tippy   -  Oct 19, 2007

Thanks guys I will edit it later ( I am a tadbit busy. ) Thanks for the tip though I like to learn so i will be sure to learn more I will be posting another Snippet soon.

DarkDaemon   -  Oct 17, 2007

Hey man nice job its pretty cool but it ptobably needs a little more work...If you are wondering I am sky anderson famous a newbie too Lol :P

guest598594   -  Oct 17, 2007

i have a couple comments

u can use on @*: rather than $me isop $chan

rather than saying if $1 == !help !kill, or !help !operserv, u can just do

on @:text:*:#:{
  if ($1 == !help) {
    if ($2 == !kill) msg $chan kill help
    if ($2 == !operserv) msg $chan operserv help
  if ($1 == !commands) msg $chan the commands

also, u can do

on *:text:*:#:{
  if ($me isadmin $server && #nick isadmin $server) {
    if ($1 == !kline) kline whatever
    if ($1 == !kill) kill whatever

its not critical, i imagine it works the way you have it now, but i havent tested it

Tippy   -  Oct 17, 2007

Well feel free to comment if you have any questions or suggestions or something I should fix please leave a comment :)



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