By Gummo on Oct 10, 2007

This spin-the-bottle script runs across multiple channels and networks, only running one at any time in each channel. It has many results.

Replace #ROOM_GOES_HERE with the room(s) you want it to work in, or # for all rooms.

/bottleon turns the game on
/bottleoff turns it off

Paste in a new file in your bot's remotes. (File=>New)

alias bottleon .enable #bottle | echo 4 -a Spin-the-bottle script is now ON.
alias bottleoff .disable #bottle | echo 4 -a Spin-the-bottle script is now OFF.
#bottle off
on *:text:*!bottle:#ROOM_GOES_HERE: {
  if (*!bottle !iswm $$1) halt
  inc -e %bottle.running [ $+ [ $chan ] $+ . $+ [ $network ] ]
  if (%bottle.running [ $+ [ $chan ] $+ . $+ [ $network ] ] == 1) {
    var %phrases kiss.kiss.kiss.smooch.snog.lapdance for.slap.hug.thumb war.tickle.snuggle with.massage.buy a gift for.buy a drink for.snog.poke.dance with.do a teaser for.lick.grope.send a picture to.stuff happiness down the throat of
    var %lander $nick($chan,$r(1,$nick($chan,0,a)),a)
    .timer 1 0 msg $chan 2 $+ $nick is now spinning the bottle...
    .timer 1 1 msg $chan 12The bottle goes round and round the merry-go-round..
    if (%lander != $nick) .timer 1 2 msg $chan 10The Bottle lands on4 %lander 10-4 $nick 10now has to12 $gettok(%phrases,$r(1,$numtok(%phrases,46)),46) %lander $+ 10! 
    elseif (%lander == $nick) .timer 1 2 msg $chan 7The Bottle landed on you (4 $+ %lander $+ 7) - Kiss your arm.
    unset %bottle.running [ $+ [ $chan ] $+ . $+ [ $network ] ]
  if (%bottle.running [ $+ [ $chan ] $+ . $+ [ $network ] ] > 1) msg $chan 4Please wait your turn,12 $nick $+ 4.
#bottle end


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ZiX   -  Dec 06, 2007

Nice Script Gummo

Kyousoukyoku   -  Oct 17, 2007

Eh, true. Just overthinking things I guess. Nice job nonetheless.

Gummo   -  Oct 17, 2007

The fact that I used the variable means it takes the same space as it does with the alias. Also, %currentplayer won\'t do what my variable does.. That would prevent a single user using the script twice..

Kyousoukyoku   -  Oct 16, 2007

Instead of using /inc and an extraordinarily long variable, why not use /set %currentplayer $nick and change the if event to

 if (%currentplayer (!)= $nick) { etc } 

Also, there is no need to use a local variable and $gettok, why not just make an alias that does that? I made one:

 alias -l rprop { return $($+($,$r(1,$0)),2) } 

Basically returns a random token out of the string. For example: $rprop(testing,this,alias) could return testing, this, or alias. So you could make the $gettok and local variable to $rprop(kiss,kiss,smooch,etc,etc). But that\'s what I would do and you don\'t necessarily have anything wrong with your code. Just some suggestions. Good job and nice idea though. I might make a snippet like this even though their are millions of spin the bottle snippets out there. ;]

Gummo   -  Oct 14, 2007

Thanks, but I don\'t understand the reasoning behind making it simple..

Tippy   -  Oct 14, 2007

Really good.But Why not make it simpler.But other wise your a good scripter.



Gummo   -  Oct 13, 2007

Sorry, I forgot to remove those and add the full stops.. I usually do it.. Updated.

Thanks for your comments by the way. :)

RubixCube   -  Oct 11, 2007

Good job, but how about remove the /\'s and adding .\'s to the timers?

tai   -  Oct 11, 2007

lol, seems pretty cool. Looks like you did pretty good with the scripting too. :]

Gummo   -  Oct 11, 2007

Yeah, if I just put #, they wouldn\'t know what to change. :)

Anti   -  Oct 11, 2007

rofl i didnt read the introduction my bad hehe

Anti   -  Oct 11, 2007

you really dont have to put #ROOM_GOES_HERE :P just leave it as # they can decide if they want only one room for !Bottle :)

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