Sora-'s Away system.

By Sora- on Oct 08, 2007

This is Zurn's BioShock away system, I just edited & Stuff, 'cause I don't know how to dialog, all credit goes to Zurn. put in remotes and right click, then you'd know what to do..

dialog Sora-Away {
  title "Sora- Away"
  size -1 -1 153 99
  button "[Away]", 1, 9 7 66 27
  edit "Away Reason", 3, 9 69 134 20
  button "[Back]", 2, 80 7 63 27
  edit "Away Nick", 4, 10 41 134 18
on *:DIALOG:Sora-Away:sclick:1:{
  set %o.nick $me
  set %a.reason $did(3).text
  set %a.nick $did(4).text
  amsg 12,1(_4,1I Am Now Away, Reason:8,1 %a.reason 12,1_)(_4,1Time Is Now:0,1 $time(hh.nnTT) 12,1_)
  away %a.reason
  nick %a.nick
on *:DIALOG:Sora-Away:sclick:2:{
  nick %o.nick
  amsg 12,1(_4,1I Am Now Back From:8,1 %a.reason 12,1_)12,1(_4,1Returned At:0,1 $time(hh.nnTT) 12,1_)(_4,1Time Gone:0,1 $duration($awaytime) 12,1_)
menu channel,nicklist,menubar {
  .AwayNew: dialog -m Sora-Away Sora-Away


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ZiX   -  Nov 19, 2007


Kimahri   -  Nov 10, 2007

(05.47.08) I copy peoples, and shush it up a lil\'..

Tippy   -  Oct 14, 2007

Dialogs are easy just make sure they have the right length etc.



tai   -  Oct 08, 2007

Please delete my comment. I\'m sorry, I didn\'t read the introduction. I am at all fault here, and am truly sorry for my mistake.

My regards,


tai   -  Oct 08, 2007

I\'m sorry, but this is ripped. You just edited the designs from Zurn\'s snippet. Please post your OWN work, thank you.

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