Hawkee snippet search

By Lindrian on Oct 06, 2007

This is a simple tool to search (all) of the snippets on the site.
Simply type /hawkee and wait for the result.
I made this while I was bored, it was a pain in the butt to make the regex work properly, the site was literally a bitch to parse.

I tried to make it seperetate for each section, but that didnt work ( for some reason) and i coudnt bother to keep trying, I was also going to make one to retrive the codes from the main site, but as the code on the main site (snippets) is on huge line, ~2k in len (line too long errors) i had some problems, but i'll fix it sooner or later, just need more time.

Until then, enjoy this (simple) one.

; Syntax: /hawkee <snippet to search for>
on *:sockopen:hawkee: {
  if ($sockerr) {
    echo -a Error connecting: $sock($sockname).wsmsg
    sockclose hawkee
  else {
    sockwrite -n $sockname GET %hawkee.site HTTP/1.1
    sockwrite -n $sockname Host: www.hawkee.com
    sockwrite -n $sockname User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8)
    sockwrite -n $sockname $crlf
on *:sockread:hawkee: {
  var %x
  sockread %x
  if ($regex(%x,/&nbsp;\x28(\d+)\x29<\/td>/i)) && (!%all) %all = $regml(1)
  if ($regex(%x,/<span class='shop_largest' id='score_'>(.*?)<\/span>/i)) %score = $regml(1)
  if ($regex(%x,/<a href='(.*?)'.*?>(.*?)<\/a>.*?</)) {
    if ($regml(2) != Home) {
      %z = $calc(%z + 1)
      if (%z == 1) {
        %link = $regml(1)
        %name = $regml(2)
      elseif (%z == 2) {
        %user = $regml(2)
        %t = $calc(%t + 1)
        if (%score > %ls) { 
          %ls = %score 
          %p = %t 
        set $+(%,hawkee.match.,%t) $iif($len(%t) == 1,0) $+ %t $+ . Title: %name Score: %score Author: %user Link: http://www.hawkee.com $+ %link
        set %hawkee.result 1
        unset %name %user %score %z
on *:sockclose:hawkee: {
  if (!%hawkee.result) echo -a Sorry, there was no match for $qt(%hawkee.search) $+ ...
  else {
    var %x = 1, %h = $var(%hawkee.match.*,0)
    while ($var(%hawkee.match.*,%x).value) {
      var %i = $v1
      echo -a $iif($gettok(%i,1,46) == %p && %t != 1,04 $+ %i - (Top rated!),%i)
      inc %x
    echo -a 
    echo -a Search for $qt(%hawkee.search) produced %h result(s) on page one $+ $iif(%h != %all,$chr(44) out of a total of %all matches. - Visit this site for all results: http://www.hawkee.com $+ %hawkee.site,.)
  unset %hawkee.* %t %p %all %z %ls
alias hawkee {  
  if ($sock(hawkee)) .sockclose hawkee
  if ($1) {
    set %hawkee.search $1-
    set %hawkee.site /snippets/?search_query= $+ $htmlfrm(%hawkee.search)
    set %ls 0.0
    sockopen hawkee www.hawkee.com 80
    echo -a Looking for snippets matching $qt($1-) $+ ... Please hold.
    echo -a 
  else echo -a You must specify something to search for! Use the following syntax: /hawkee <snippet>, eg: /hawkee mass modes
alias htmlfrm {
  var %i = 1,%r
  while (%i <= $len($1-)) {
    if ($mid($1-,%i,1) isalnum) %r = %r $+ $v1
    else %r = %r $+ % $+ $base($asc($mid($1-,%i,1)),10,16,2)
    inc %i
  return %r
alias h hawkee $1-
alias hawk h $1-


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Cheiron   -  Apr 07, 2009

very nice script and works well.. would be nice to either have it respond to a trigger and private message the nick in question the results or message the channel the results instead of using echo for self view

Lindrian   -  Feb 15, 2008

Thanks Hondax707 :)

HoNdAx707   -  Feb 14, 2008

really helpful so i dont gotta open IE :P

Lindrian   -  Feb 14, 2008

Updated the script a bit, remade a few regexes that i bothered, removed the html alias, added a bunch of new features, test it out, i find it very usful myself now! :)

Lindrian   -  Feb 14, 2008

Should be fixed.
the \w+ in the regex was w+, since hawkee tends to strip \"\\\" for some reason (backslashes)

guest598594   -  Feb 14, 2008

doesn\'t show the scores


  1. Name: Hawkee snippet search Score: Author: Lindrian Link: http://www.hawkee.com/snippet/3359/
napa182   -  Dec 06, 2007

he\'s so special i see the short bus picking him up... =P

F*U*R*B*Y*   -  Dec 05, 2007

yes he is special, he can bump a topic thats what 3 months old??? really special..........

Lindrian   -  Dec 05, 2007

Yes, you sure are... \"special\"...

bps19882006   -  Dec 05, 2007

lol im special lmaooooo

guest598594   -  Oct 09, 2007

yea, i changed it to an on input, so i guess that screwed it up somehow

Lindrian   -  Oct 09, 2007

mountaindew: I cant reproduce that error. It\'s prob your mirc, or u have a malformed code with missmatching brackets disturbing.

RubixCube   -  Oct 08, 2007

Nice job. everything seemed to work fine for me.

guest598594   -  Oct 08, 2007

w/e i type in it either leads to bps19882006 every time, or it says nothing, and either way, it says \"top unknown command\"

Scakk   -  Oct 08, 2007

That would explain it then ^_^

Lindrian   -  Oct 08, 2007

Only the first page, yes. I didn\'t make it switch page...

Scakk   -  Oct 07, 2007

Does it default at finding 15? I search for \" dialog \" and it only showed 15. When I search on the site itself I get 48. I have 6 snippets that have \" dialog \" in the title and none of them were found.

Lindrian   -  Oct 07, 2007

Thanks :)

Godzilla   -  Oct 07, 2007

People, now don\'t start a fall on hawkee snippet search after 8ball ^^

Well, nice job mate :)

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