Auto Voicer

By NightCrawler on Oct 05, 2007

They call it a auto voicer. Long term of it is Auto Voice on Join.
Look at the script and you can tell what it does. Bugs not included.

#Autovoice on


on *:join:#:{
  if ($chan == %voiceroom ) {
    mode $chan +v $nick

#Autovoice end

menu channel,menubar {
  . $iif($group(#avoice) == on, $style(1),$style(0)) Enable: .enable #avoice | /msg $chan Auto Voice Is Now Enabled | set %voiceroom $active
. $iif($group(#avoice) == off, $style(1),$style(0)) Disable: .disable #avoice | /msg $chan Auto Voice Is Now Disabled | unset %voiceroom  }


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FLCL   -  Oct 25, 2007

This snippet, no offense to the author all though there will probably be some taken, isn\'t worth an 8.0. But it can deserve more if you make a few changes: One, why not set this to all chans? Or have specific channels added to the variable. This can be done through token identifiers. Two, you don\'t check if you are an op. You can receive an error. This can be done by either adding if ($me isop $chan) of an @ to the user levels in the on *:TEXT. Three, one thing you will hear is people saying remove the /\'s. The /\'s before commands aren\'t needed and tend to be removed. So I would remove them.

You could even take this snippet a bit further by adding a prohibited list or something of the sort. Just try to find a way to make this snippet unique.

ZiX   -  Oct 25, 2007

you should have it halt on op\'s.

Tippy   -  Oct 15, 2007

Nice code.It might work havn\'t tried it yet

guest598594   -  Oct 05, 2007

make it

on @*:join:#: if ($chan == %voiceroom) mode $chan +v $nick

thats the same as if ($me isop $chan)

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