Stfu script

By LucSatise on Oct 05, 2007




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LucSatise   -  Oct 13, 2007

i have the fixed version of it now i just not uploading it yet

And how u know im rayth? o wait renji. Now leave me alone . i dont lyk u

NightCrawler   -  Oct 05, 2007

Nice Script Rayth. But if u remove the removedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremovedremoved and added more, it would be the best damn script on hawkee. :p

guest598594   -  Oct 05, 2007

umm...nope, still here

Sephiroth1n6   -  Oct 05, 2007

removed lol...

guest598594   -  Oct 05, 2007

lol i guess not

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